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Cardi B really goes all out to make sure her kids have nothing but the best. Check out how the rapper celebrated her daughter's third birthday here.

Mom of the year? Cardi B is giving diamond necklaces to her kids

Cardi B’s massive loyal cult of followers were gifted precious tea this week, when the growing pop icon stole front cover stories from publications across the board. The news this week comes from the light of Cardi’s life, her daughter Kulture who celebrated a birthday over the weekend. The buzz is letting fans know Kulture had quite the celebration this year.

Cardi B has a reputation for being gaudy, extra, and out there and loves to spoil her little one. All parents love to celebrate their kids on their birthday, but no one does it like Cardi B. Kulture was the cause for celebration when her birthday passed this weekend, but the little one & her mom went viral as a result of one of her most jaw-dropping gifts to date. Here’s what we found out about this year’s festivities.

Birthday girl

Page Six dropped a story on Monday about Cardi B and her daughter Kulture’s third birthday. The little one was no doubt showered in gaudy goodies, but one present seemed to rise above the rest. Cardi B got Kulture a diamond necklace, one which will surely be the envy of all the kids at Kulture’s school.

Cardi posted a series of Instagram videos early Monday morning of the moment when she handed Kulture her most extravagant yet. The video shows Cardi presenting Kulture a shining diamond necklace, with the famous tot reacting in delight to the bougie piece of bling.

Covered charms

The third video Cardi posted showcases the necklace on its own, and one look paints a clearer picture as to how special (and expensive) the piece is. 

The video shows the piece Kulture got this year must have a hefty price tag. The necklace features diamond encrusted links holding together a string of charms for the birthday girl. Furthermore, the charms are impressive in their own right.

Kulture’s necklace presents a Chanel logo, a minnie mouse head, a Birkin bag, a heart wrapped in a tiny pink bow, and of course, the letter K. Oh, and they’re all absolutely covered in diamonds too. With Cardi’s massive bling on display, fans are wondering if anyone topped Cardi’s gift to her daughter. Is topping this necklace even possible? We’re not sure, but Kulture’s dad sure gave it a try.

Daddy’s girl

We’re not sure how much Cardi B dropped on her extravagant gift to Kulture this year, but we know the piece definitely wasn’t cheap. Furthermore, the necklace was just one gift to be matched by Kulture’s dad Offset to give his little girl. Offset is known for giving his kids plenty of goodies just like Cardi.

Reports say daddy Offset dropped a cool $100,000 on a chain for Kulture when the famous kiddo turned one. Offset took to Instagram to wish his daughter a happy birthday, but we didn’t get to see a display of his gifts like Cardi’s. However, Cardi B seemed to imply Offset didn’t disappoint this year.

Along with Cardi B’s Instagram videos, she told her fans “Her daddy outdid me but I still got my baby nice 😊”, giving fans a clue she wasn’t the only one spoiling Kulture for her big three celebration. The statement seems to be letting Cardi’s fans know Offset is continuing to spoil his kids too.

Cardi’s gift was made by Elliot Eliantte, and both parents have turned to the jewler for shiny gifts for Kulture.  The celebrity jeweler has over a million followers on Instagram, and is known for his unique creations. Furthermore, with the reaction his latest piece is getting, we can only imagine they’ll be more Eliantte pieces in Kulture’s jewelrey box as the years roll by.

Do you love Kulture’s new necklace or do you think Cardi is being too extra this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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