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Will Cardi B go to jail after fighting over her husband at a strip club? Check out the latest news about Cardi's trial.

Cardi B’s fight over her husband: Will it land her in prison?

Cardi B, the twenty-seven-year-old rapper, has received a lot of attention recently after releasing one of 2020’s most iconic songs, “WAP”. Unfortunately, she may be in for some bad press as the rapper’s plea deal for a recent court case is set to expire.

Last year Cardi B was involved in a scandal that landed her in court. Although not much progress was made on the case during last year, it appears we’ll be hearing about the outcome pretty soon.

It’s been over a year since Cardi B had to first visit court, and now she’ll have to face settling the case in order to avoid jail. Here’s what we know about the club’s incident and the recent events.

Strip club brawl

In 2018, Cardi B and her husband Offset (now separated) were partying at the Angels strip club in New York. Apparently, Cardi heard rumors during the night about Offset having an affair with Baddie Gi & Jade, two sisters who work as bartenders at the strip club.

Allegedly, Cardi B took matters in her own hands – probably more literally than necessary! The rapper supposedly assaulted Baddie Gi & Jade at the bar, but later denied the accusations in an Instagram story. Cardi is said to have thrown a hookah pipe & two glasses at the sisters.

Not only is Cardi being accused of the assault, but two of her friends are as well. This made matters worse as it could mean it was a premeditated act.

Apparently, Baddie Gi denied her sister had anything to do with the situation. In one of her Instagram stories, the bartender claimed Jade wasn’t having an affair with Offset. Nonetheless, Baddie Gi didn’t mention her own relationship with Cardi B’s soon-to-be ex-husband.

As a consequence of Baddie Gi’s Instagram story, many feel like her omission could be saying a lot about her role in this dispute. Some take her silence as confirmation of her affair with Offset.

Last year’s deal

After being accused of attacking Baddie Gi & Jade, Cardi B had to go to court. Initially, both the defense and the prosecution tried to reach an agreement in which Cardi B wouldn’t need to serve time in jail but instead would need to stay out of trouble for a while.

Cardi was indicted with twelve misdemeanors and two felonies since the fight left the bartenders injured. She’s facing the charges of assault, harassment, criminal solicitation, conspiracy, reckless endangerment.

Cardi B rejected the opportunity to plead guilty and walked away from the court. Despite Cardi’s reaction, negotiations went on in the hopes she would agree to a plea. She seemed to be convinced of her innocence as she claimed “I ain’t going to jail, I got a daughter!”

Time running out

The problem resurfaced now as Cardi B had to appear in court once again this last Wednesday. This happened only a couple of weeks after Cardi filed for divorce looking to end her relationship with Offset.

District Attorney Ryan Nicolosi expressed the virtual hearing didn’t come to a resolution, which means Cardi’s still refusing to settle. While Cardi wasn’t present for the hearing, her lawyer promised to convey the message to her.

With the current offer being taking the charges for the event as a misdemeanor, the district attorney claims Cardi won’t reach a better deal. What’s more important is the offer of a misdemeanor won’t be held for too long, either.

As days go by, it seems like patience is running out. The offer to overlook Cardi’s felonies in exchange for good behavior might disappear if she doesn’t accept the plea soon. This could mean a jail sentence for the rapper if she’s found guilty.

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