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Cardi B got on Twitter today to start a trend about pain relievers. Read all about the obscure question she asked her fans and how they responded here.

How did Cardi B start a trend about pain relievers on Twitter?

Earlier today, rapper and internet personality Cardi B took to Twitter to ask her fans what they thought the most effective pain reliever was. Unsurprisingly, she received a ton of responses, and started a discourse about over the counter medications. Here’s everything that’s gone down so far.

Tweet in question

This morning, Cardi B wrote on Twitter: “Which work better for body ache? Tylenol,Aleve or Advil ?” Fans quickly weighed in. Some took the joke route – one commenter, for example, replied: “Marijuana”, with a picture of Cardi B smoking a joint attached. Another commented with a pic of a Gorilla Glue Spray can and wrote: “THESE ARE THE BEST!!! everyone i tell about them loves them, and so do i.”

Case for (and against) Advil

Other Twitter users took Cardi B’s prompt seriously, however. One advocated for Advil as the more effective pain reliever, writing: “Advil is Ibuprofen which is a non steroid anti-inflammatory. I use it for things like body aches. Tylenol is super hard on your kidneys so be careful with the dose.”

But not everyone agreed on that answer. One Twitter user shot back: “It’s actually Advil that’s hard on your kidneys (and stomach for that matter. Must be taken with food). Tylenol is hard on the liver.”

Some even advocated for Advil without really knowing it. One user wrote: “neither, use something stronger like ibuprofen.” Another Twitter user jumped in and replied: “Advil is one of the brand names for ibuprofen. Ibuprofen is the generic name.” And finally . . . the actual official Twitter page for Advil chimed in, writing: “We’ve never heard of the first two but the last one sounds great.” And we’re seriously cracking up.

Case for (and against) Tylenol

Some Twitter users were very much pro-Tylenol in the comments on Cardi B’s post. One wrote: “Tylenol is better for headaches. And easier on your stomach. Aleve and Advil are better for back and body aches. Be careful though. If you get COVID or the vaccine you can only take Tylenol. We need you around.”

But one person called “fake news” on that claim. The Twitter user commented: “Hi, pharmacy tech here! And I’ve gotten my COVID vaccine and the nurses told me to take Advil every 4 to 6 hours because I’d be sore the next day. Please don’t spread false information.”

Case against medicine

Some took Cardi B’s tweet as an opportunity to promote a more holistic viewpoint when it comes to medicine. One Twitter user wrote: “None of the above. Try the natural way. Everything we need to Heal is of the Earth. Turmeric.”

But another user quickly called BS on this claim, and fired back: “Before modern medicine, life expectancy was like 30 years lmao. A simple infection killed people – now we have antibiotics. ‘Natural remedies’ like tumeric or cinnamon didn’t do sh*t and they still don’t.”

Another user didn’t agree with any of Cardi B’s proposed options, but didn’t choose to go down the holistic route, either. They wrote: “CBD – On God nothing works better than this! Chiro, massage therapist, otc drugs, prescription drugs. This is the only thing that helps release the muscles in my back and provide relief!”

Some also didn’t have a clue about the answer and didn’t pretend to. One user commented: “No idea. Do you have a favourite cheese?” 

Perhaps the best answer, though, was that only you know what’s right for your pain. One person replied: “It’s a hard question for someone else to answer about YOUR body . . . it depends on how it responds to each medication . . . what is the nature of the ache and so on? Is it muscles or plain old body aches? May have simply go with which works best for you.”

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