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When you don't have the time but still want to get high, grab a lighter and smoke your way into checking out these time-efficient tips!

Not only are CBD gummies tasty, they also come with a wide variety of health benefits. Learn how CBD gummies can help your heart and so much more.

As Delta 8 becomes more and more popular, hundreds of companies are making new gummies. Come get the inside scoop on the latest hemp trend today.

In the world of cannabinoid connoisseurs, THCV is what's known as 'diet weed'. Discover the incredible properties of this new compound today.

Looking for reliable marijuana products online? Check out our tips for buying cannabis seeds from reputable and safe online retailers.

Since hemp was legalized, you're able to buy high-quality CBD oils and other products with countless health benefits. Check out which is right for you!

As more Canadians use weed recreationally, the rules around it relax. Get high on learning more about the booming business of weed delivery in Canada, eh.

As California rolls out marijuana legalization, hemp and CBD are making their way into hospitals. Find out what progress has been made today.

In other cannabis news, "Peaches" singer Justin Bieber has partnered up with a marijuana company! But what will the product be? Let's see.