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People are getting antsy since they aren't able to purchase a PS5 anywhere. Twitter made some relatable memes.

The PS5 is still impossible to buy so Twitter made memes instead

Unlike smartphones & computers, new video game consoles come out once in a blue moon. Every time a new console comes out, it’s a hot commodity, so it flies off the shelves faster than Santa’s reindeer. If you’re able to secure one, you should count yourself lucky. 

Because of the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, getting a new video game console has gone from hard to nightmare-level challenging. The superstores have restocked multiple times, and consumers continue to struggle with purchasing the console. 

People have been frustrated with Walmart specifically, and they’ve taken their anger out on Twitter in some hilarious ways. Here are all the funny responses to the struggle of ordering a PlayStation 5. 

Losing it during checkout

It’s funny. It’s like Walmart, Best Buy, or wherever you bought your PlayStation 5 knew you weren’t going to leave their site with a PlayStation. It might be funny to them, but not for the countless players who left empty-handed thanks to bots. 

We’re all clowns for trying

We tried so hard to get a PlayStation 5, but we’re all just clowns for thinking purchasing a console would be a straightforward process. 

The emotion from shop to your cart

When we first got through the checkout process for Walmart to tell us it was sold out, we sat at our computer with our mouth ajar for three hours until the next drop on Walmart on day one. Day 1 of the PlayStation 5 on the market was emotionally draining.  

Why did we try at all

When we could go to the store and wait in line to be told they were out of stock, we would probably sit in our car and ponder why we even tried. This year, we can sit on our beds and do the same. 

When we pressed review order

We remember our premature celebration when we clicked place order for our PlayStation 5, only to be disappointed a few seconds later. 

Not even a second after restocking

No matter where you tried to order your PlayStation 5, it always seemed after half a second, the stock was all gone.  

How long it takes to become a clown

It took us twelve hours to don the makeup to complete our transformation. We became a clown on Nov 12th, trying to get a PlayStation 5 over the countless bots for the people trying to resell the console for double to price. 

Destroying personal property

When we discovered the PlayStation 5 was sold out in less than a second, we almost smashed our computers. But if we did, how else would we get our PlayStation 5?

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