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The best Florida Man headlines: Coronavirus edition

Stupidity doesn’t end just because a pandemic has begun. One state, in particular, is known for its outrageous headlines and insatiable amount of idiots. You guessed it. It’s Florida! No offense Floridians, we know you’re not all morons. Morons are just attracted to your peninsula proportions. 

If you don’t laugh in the current international situation, you’ll cry. So here are some Florida man memes at your service. 

Cough weapon 

You have to give this guy points for ingenuity. 

Crossover edition? 

“I’m tellin’ you! He stole my illegal substance, man!” Hmm, perhaps you should have let this one go, buddy . . .


A Florida man with some actual common sense! Probably should have foregone the whole battery thing though. 

Deadly combo

They’re living life on the edge over there in Florida. 

Cartoon or real life? 

This Florida grandma is a hero. 

Is this an upgraded version of my cat ate my homework, or what?

Dude, it’s called kiddy porn. Not, kitty porn. 

Foot fetish

This takes foot fetish to a whole other level. 

Know your drugs

The universe said no to drugs for this man. 

Biggest facepalm ever 

And this, boys and girls, is why it’s important to learn math in school.

Florida man redemption 

We decided to top it all off with a nice one. Like we said, not all Floridians fit under this category of stupid. Not all Florida men are a Florida man.

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