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After bingeing 'Tiger King' and 'Making a Murderer', now what? From the weird to the mundane, here are the best Netflix documentaries to binge right now.

Seeking truth? All the best documentaries to watch on Netflix

After bingeing Tiger King and Making a Murderer, now what? With a ton of documentaries & docuseries to choose from, Netflix can satisfy your cravings to learn more about the strange world we live in. 

People of Netflix thirsting for knowledge, look no further! These are the best documentaries to watch if you’re craving to learn new things. From the weird to the mundane, here are our picks for you to binge right now. 

Dark Tourist

Traveling seems to be a distant memory, but if you’re looking for your next destination, there are a ton of bizarre, eccentric, and downright dangerous places you could go. Dark Tourist follows people who travel to macabre and sometimes perilous locations. From war zones to serial killers’ houses, this Netflix docuseries explores the weirdest places you can go. 

Abducted in Plain Sight

If you’re seeking an outrageous Netflix true-crime documentary similar to Tiger King, look no further. Abducted in Plain Sight follows the true story of Jan Broberg, held hostage by her neighbor twice – and her family never noticed. Featuring straps and strange orders from an intercom, this is a hidden gem perfect for true-crime fans. 

Dirty Money

Corporate corruption is no surprise to anyone who’s even remotely aware of current events, but this Netflix docuseries explores how deep the rabbit hole goes. Each episode of Dirty Money delves into a different corporation or mogul, exposing deep truths about how far backroom dealings go. 

Have a Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics

Were you ever curious about trying hallucinogens? Have a Good Trip is a documentary about how acid, mushrooms, and other psychedelics affect your mood and change your mindset. Interviewing celebrities & scientists, Have a Good Trip is a refreshing firsthand look at the world of such mind-expanding journeys and what we can learn from them. 

Don’t F*ck With Cats

As cat lovers, we found elements of this documentary on Netflix disturbing. After a string of cat abusers and cruel cat killings break the internet, a team of amateur sleuths work together to bring these horrible people to justice. 😥

Absurd Planet

Looking for family-friendly documentaries? This Netflix nature documentary takes a look at the wacky, weird, and sometimes gross world of the animal kingdom. Voiced by Mother Nature (Afi Ekulona), the show features strange animals & quirky humor, making Absurd Planet perfect for the grade-school set. 

100 Humans

Ever wondered how people tend to sit when reposing upon the commode, or if you’re the odd one for hanging your toilet paper under or over? 100 Humans is a Netflix documentary following scientists who bring in 100 random subjects to interview about anything you really wanted to know – but were too afraid to ask.

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