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These true crime documentaries are not your run-of-the-mill stories. Instead, they provoke thoughts and keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time.

Audrey Rumsby is dancing her way onto the big screen with 'Barry & Joan'. Discover this talented filmmaker and her brand new documentary today.

Steve Ecclesine is the filmmaker behind the new documentary 'Have You Heard About Greg?'. Learn more about Ecclesine and the doc here.

'From Fear to Freedom' is a new documentary from Kalliope Barlis. Learn more about the documentary and the filmmaker here.

Looking for an incredible real-life tale of espionage and the human beings caught in conflicts between countries? Watch 'Castro's Spies' today.

Sandrine Charruyer & Sophie Lepowic outline the climate crisis in Australia with 'Inferno Without Borders'. Get inspired to get involved in the fight.

'Have You Heard About Greg?' is the new documentary by filmmaker Steve Steve Ecclesine. Learn more here.

Curious about the upcoming Boosie Badazz movie 'My Struggle'? Get the details on the project and learn where you can stream it.

'Circle of Eagles' is a new documentary by Merv Thomas. Learn more about the doc and Thomas' experiences here.