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Filmmaker Adelin Gasana opens up about his new documentary 'High On Heels' and his impressive career.

The new Netflix documentary, 'The Social Dilemma', led to a lot of memes, which people shared on the internet for likes. Oops.

Wondering whether UFOs are real? The upcoming documentary 'The Phenomenon' may be the source of information you're looking for.

Filmmaker Peter Heslop Smith's documentary film debut is marked by the short film 'A Tower Block in Ladbroke Grove'.

Filmmaker Walter Fanninger has a new documentary called 'Shadows of Light' which explores a traditional Austrian summer solstice celebration.

We had the chance to ask filmmaker Anna Panova about her documentary short film 'Point Symmetry' and her career as a whole.

Anticipating the 'Tiger King' movie trailer starring Nicolas Cage? Here's why 'Surviving Joe Exotic' is exactly what we need.

Here's everything you need to know about the filmmaker Maria Soccor and her documentary film 'Lords of BSV'.

Sydney Scotia made the jump from actor to film director with her new project 'This Hits Home', and it's clear she's got a bright future in filmmaking ahead.