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Hot on the heels of 'Framing Britney Spears', another docuseries is coming to town about a 2000s star. Dive into "Rehab" singer Amy Winehouse's struggle.

'Speaking Truth to Power' is the new documentary by filmmaker Abby Ginzberg. Learn more about the relevant documentary and its history here.

The trailer for the upcoming Amazon Studios project 'Val' was released. Will the documentary feature a young Val Kilmer?

The investigation into the Staircase murders have captivated true crime fans for years. Can you unravel the mystery of this bizarre case?

It’s been thirty years since 'Paris is Burning' first showed the world how to throw shade! Celebrate with these legendary quotes.

Ben Jacoby is an adventure seeker and world record holder. Learn more about Jacoby and his new documentary here.

From director/producer Nick Taussig comes a powerful doc about a family brought together through hardship. Here's your exclusive look at 'A Space in Time'.

Jens Meurer has told plenty of important stories before but the latest documentary from the producer/director is bigger than ever.

Tree Adams is talented musician and film composer. Learn more about Adams his score for the recent Showtime documentary 'Belushi'.