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'Poker Queens' is a brand new documentary for you. Step inside the female poker world now with this new feature-length doc.

'High Flying Jade' is a new documentary by director Katherine Sweetman. Learn more about her and the inspiring doc here.

2021 is here, and what better way to celebrate than with a bingewatch? Find out all the new shows coming to Netflix that just may be your next

Ariana Grande has a new Netflix documentary. Here are the best moments from Sweetener Tour the doc let us see.

'VAKA' is a documentary short directed by Kelly Moneymaker. Discover what the short has to say about climate change and the Tokelauan people.

Will the last Blockbuster store be able to survive the coronavirus pandemic? Discover the possible fate of the only Blockbuster left in the world.

'Night Stalker: The Hunt For a Serial Killer' recounts one of the most terrifying & blood curdling serial killers of all time. Here's what we know.

Director Shawnda Christiansen is trying to tell the story of the coronavirus pandemic with their new documentary 'Six Feet of Separation'.

Accucities designed a unique 3D model animation for a doc about coastal flooding. Check out the model here.