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The 17th annual Tribeca Film Festival revealed its feature film lineup earlier this month, and with the start date fast approaching (April 18, folks – get it in

Herzog is one of the leading and most fascinating filmmakers of the documentary genre. His singular vision, voice, and worldview have proffered some extraordinary insights into a vast

Streaming from yesterday, Hulu's new series 'Hard Sun' follows two detectives with opposing viewpoints who are forced to work together in a pre-apocalyptic criminal world. It’s definite bingeworthy

Isn’t that pretty much what we all look for in a modern comedy show these days, explosions withstanding? With all that in mind, here are ten of the

Although you might all be cracking your knuckles in anticipation of the 'Making A Murderer' followup, we at Film Daily urge you instead to turn those eyeballs towards

While we could spend hours discussing the issues surrounding a Tarantino-directed Charles Manson story (he’s not exactly known for his sensitivity), instead we’re looking at a bunch of

A pall has fallen over the achievement for the filmmakers of Oscar-nominee 'Last Men in Aleppo', who have just learned Syria refused to expedite the travel visas of

There’s little doubt about it: 2017 was packed full of blockbusters and tentpole flicks, from Disney’s epic Star Wars: The Last Jedi to Wonder Woman, the trailblazing superhero

A true-life tale of resilience that unfolds with all the drama of fiction, ‘The Cage Fighter’ is a riveting look at the demons that drive a man to