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Looking for content to binge watch? With Disney Plus Premier Access, you can watch even more of our favorite movies and shows. See what's in store here.

Don’t pay for Disney Plus Premier Access: Watch these movies instead

Disney+ is one of the biggest platforms in the world. The world of Disney content is almost all at your fingertips with their loaded streaming service. Whether you’re dying to watch some Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, or classic Disney content, nearly every TV show and movie in Disney’s vast catalog is ready to be watched. Also, you can stream new movies without going to the movie theater thanks to Disney Plus Premier Access – for an extra fee. 

With over 600 options, it may be overwhelming to decide what to watch first. Worry not, dear friend: we’ve handpicked the best content available for you, depending on your mood. Read our handy guide to figure out what your best pick for a movie or TV show will be.


Sometimes you don’t want explosions, intense fights, and car chases. You just want to watch people looking for the magical McGuffin to save their world. We get that. If you’re looking for adventure, how about some musical adventures with a rectangular and triangular set of brothers?

Phineas and Ferb is one of Disney Channel’s classic animated shows featuring great adventures as the two Fletcher brothers try to get the most of their 104 days of summer vacation. P&F is also one of the few Disney Channel shows that appeals to both adults and children, so you’ll definitely love seeing the crazy projects these two build.

If you’re looking for something a little more live-action, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story also offers plenty of adventure with that sci-fi twist. Plus it gives you a chance to relearn Cassian Andor’s story before his Disney+ series drops next year . . . assuming you’re willing to stomach its lack of an original plot. Pretty soon, you can also find Jungle Cruise and Black Widow streaming on Disney Plus Premier Access. 


Half the appeal of Disney+ is the eclectic collection of older Disney franchises that pull people back to their childhood. One of the most underrated films is 1995’s A Goofy Movie, following the famous silly dog on a road trip with his son, Max. If you really want to relive the 90s you have to watch this. Think National Lampoon’s Vacation, except G-rated.

If you want quintessential Disney TV though, Boy Meets World and its sequel series Girl Meets World are the perfect way of waxing nostalgia while getting a peek into the youth of today. Who doesn’t want to relive the drama of Cory and Topanga’s will they-won’t they relationship? Plus, Girl Meets World refits a lot of the values of Boy Meets World with a new generation, so it’s like watching Boy Meets World set in 2016. Thankfully, you don’t need Premier Access to enjoy the classics! 


We get it: you need a good cry. You want to watch something that reminds you of the good in the world or you want to watch someone wonderful croak. Sometimes you just need to watch a sad movie or TV show. You’re not really going to find that on Disney+, but there are still plenty of moving images for you to cry at. 

The easiest recommendation for a movie is anything Pixar. Want to cry while watching the toys you love nearly die in Toy Story 3? You can do it! Or maybe you prefer watching Joy finally learn the purpose of sadness in Inside Out? Also available! Want to watch the downfall of Pixar with Cars 2? What the heck is wrong with you?! But yes you can do that, too! Avengers: Endgame also dropped, so if you love Tony Stark 3000, tears will be shed again. Also, you can enjoy new Pixar favorites as soon as they drop with Premier Access – Encanto should be available later this year. 


There’s such an adrenaline rush when you watch someone kick butt and run the world through some awesome action sequences. To get your spirits up, watch some of these hot action shows and movies.

X-Men: The Animated Series is easily the best version of X-Men in years. While an animated show, don’t let that stop you from enjoying it. The action is still intense, and the stakes are higher than in the recent live-action films. 

If you’d rather get a little more Victorian with your action, four of the Pirates of the Caribbean films are available for your bingewatch. Unique pirate swordfighting and also Johnny Depp drunkenly wandering around for two hours is definitely worth your time. Just make sure you have a large enough stash of rum by the time you get to the final two installments. 


With the addition of National Geographic content to Disney+, academics will go crazy over the amount of documentary content available. Plus, Disney is dropping plenty of great documentary series at launch that will interest even the casual viewer.

This is the moment where we don’t shut up about The World According to Jeff Goldblum again, because it’s so amazing that there’s a show that’s just Jeff Goldblum learning things. He has genuine interest in every topic and it’s so genuinely interesting to watch him learn about these different cultures. 

Documentary lovers who missed out on Free Solo when it was on Hulu have a chance to catch it now on Disney+. The award-winning documentary takes a look at rock climber Alex Honnold doing a free solo climb of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. The thrill of watching this man climb one of the most challenging rock formations in the US freehanded is worth every minute. 


Lastly, we have the category Disney is best known for: musicals. We know you’ve watched every Disney Renaissance film already, singing along to “Beauty and the Beast” and “Circle of Life”. But outside of the animated films plenty of musical content awaits Disney fans of any age.

While definitely lengthy, The Sound of Music has found its home on Disney+, so Julie Andrews fans, rejoice! The iconic musical tells the story of the Von Trapps with so much care and color that it’s hard not to get up and dance to “Do-Re-Mi” or “My Favorite Things”. The world will forever remember the beauty that Rodgers & Hammerstein brought to life with this musical.

If you’re looking for more modern Broadway, Disney’s production of Newsies was filmed and released in movie theaters for a one-night engagement, but now it’s on Disney Plus. The film features some of the original Broadway cast, like Jeremy Jordan (Supergirl) as Jack Kelly and Kara Lindsay as Katherine Plummer. 

No matter what you’re in the mood for, Disney+ has such a variety of content that everyone will find something they like. Disney+ is now live for your streaming enjoyment.

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