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Another YouTuber is going through the Twitter trials. Today's contestant is Mr. Beast! Take your browser off safe mode and watch this video compilation!

Is Mr. Beast racist and homophobic? Watch these Twitter videos exposing him

Oh, no. Another YouTuber caught being homophobic/racist/terrible? Say it ain’t so! Not Mr. Beast!

Ah, but it is so. At least if you believe a video compilation making the rounds online. The video features Mr. Beast gleefully dropping all sorts of slurs – mostly homophobic – in different locations, and Twitter is reacting with as much indignation as you’d expect. Calls to cancel Mr. Beast have already started, as well as a cynical countdown to what most consider an inevitable public apology.

Overreaction or righteous anger? You can make up your mind after watching the video below.

Montage of heck

The main force pushing the Mr. Beast video on Twitter seems to be YouTuber Def Noodles, who describes his channel as: “Mix between The Soup and The Colbert Report, a satirical take on Internet news and commentary hosted by a cat in a minecraft house.” Whenever there’s a scandal involving influencers, you can usually see Def Noodles either commenting on it, or actively fighting in the middle of it.

In this particular case, Def Noodles claims the video came to him from multiple sources. The link to the original video, however, leads to a YouTube page where the content has been blocked “on copyright grounds” for containing “content from SuperBam, Inc.” Does this mean Def Noodles’s Twitter upload could be blocked too, or has it been edited not to infringe on SuperBam, Inc.’s copyright?

At any rate, the original video was uploaded to YouTube back in January. However, as the tweet accompanying the Mr. Beast video points out, the damning compilation happened to resurface months later, on the same day a member of Mr. Beast’s crew got in trouble for similar reasons. Have you heard of Chris Tyson?

Birds of a feather

Chris Tyson is a frequent collaborator of Mr. Beast’s. In addition to hosting “Beast Reacts” on the Mr. Beast YouTube channel, Tyson participates in most of the challenges and pranks that make up Mr. Beast’s video output. According to the Mr. Beast fandom wiki (yes, that’s a thing) Chris Tyson is known as the “country boy” of the group, as well as the most vulgar person in it. 

It looks like Chris Tyson did quite a bit of sanitizing of his Twitter account, but not before several people captured a whole bunch of unsavory tweets of his. As you can see on the link above, once again, Def Noodles collected the info and pushed it out into the Twitter-sphere. The tweets run the gamut of offensive topics – homophobia, Islamophobia, transphobia, plain ol’ racism, you name it.

So Chris Tyson is in hot water with Twitter, and now the same applies to Mr. Beast. Organized takedown or unstoppable karma? With all these YouTubers getting cancelled, it’s getting hard to tell.

Another one may bite the dust

If you’re an influencer with some skeletons in your closet, you’d do well to start prepping your eventual apology video. Make sure you seem sincere in it too, because audiences have grown more cynical and jaded. David Dobrik basically cried in his most recent apology and he only won over . . . maybe about half of his critics?

David Dobrik. James Charles. Shane Dawson. We could keep going. Some are in trouble over horrible allegations, some are in trouble over past material they thought would be funny, and some are in trouble over a combination of both. And the list keeps growing. You could argue the Honeymoon Phase is over for most YouTubers and now it’s time for them to reckon with their perceived transgressions.

Will Mr. Beast join the cancellation conversation or will Twitter forget about it when the next scandalous headline comes along? We’ll have to wait and see to find out.

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