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Is the new Apple Watch worth it? Let’s see what rumored updates are doing the rounds on the Apple Watch Series 7.

Is the Apple Watch worth it? Everything to know about series 7

As we are gear up for the most anticipated gadget announcement of the year — Apple’s hardware event introducing all their new devices rumored to be held sometime in September — we will come across a plethora of upgrades & updates. One of the most exciting devices we’re looking forward to is the Apple Watch.

Everyone uses a smartwatch — whether it’s for fitness tracking or smart time management, or just to stay connected — but Apple Watch brings a lot more to your wrist than any other brand. With the fundamental phone & messaging features built-in, an Apple Watch can make anyone feel smarter. 

Let’s see what rumored updates are doing the rounds on the Apple Watch Series 7.

Sleeker, Flat-Edge Design

Bloomberg & Front Page Tech have reported that the Apple Watch is undergoing its first hardware redesign in years. This new design is likely going to be a flat-edged watch that gives it an improved form factor. We’ve seen the impact of thinner bezels on smartphones: it automatically elevates the look & feel of the device. The iPad Pro & iPhone 12 have already seen great design success. 

For that reason, Apple won’t stop flattening its products & that includes the Apple Watch. If the word going around is to be believed, the new Apple Watch will have “a new lamination technique that is expected to bring the panel closer to the front cover.”

Bigger Screen Display

One of the most discussed feature of the new series is a bigger screen & display on the Apple Watch. When it comes to mobile devices, we’ve gone from smaller screens to bigger screens & that trend seems to catch up for the smartwatches too. 

It’s rumored that all models of the Apple Watches will be bumped up in size by 1mm. This means that the new sized will be 41mm & 45mm.

New Watch Faces

Bloomberg also reported that bigger screen sizes mean more screen space & could translate into multiple new watch faces. Guesses also include some experimentation with the colors, just like the 24-inch iMac did. 

The Apple Watch Series 7 might have some changes in its physical appearance, but there’s nothing too notable or too wild on the cards here. It just feels one step on top of the tiny changes each subsequent version of the watch has had — use of new materials here & there, a few finishing touches, colors, case design. 

On the inside, the Apple Watch is expected to have a faster processor, which is hardly surprising because a better processing speed is one of the core expected upgrades to any device.

Health features: Expected?

By the looks of it, the Blood Glucose Monitor might be all rumors. Previously, it was reported that Apple is a customer of a company that produced next-generation health sensors. This fuelled speculation that the Apple Watch might incorporate superior health & fitness tracking features in its latest model. 

Expected features were blood glucose levels, blood pressure, alcohol level monitoring, etc. It was reported that the Apple Watch Series 7 ‘s feature of blood glucose monitoring will work through a non-invasive optical sensor. But even if Apple is working on the features, the series 7 models are unlikely to have these health-tracking features. 

The same goes for the body temperature sensor, which was going to be another higher-end feature. But plans for this have also been allegedly shelved. So, currently, the watch will measure distance, laps, splits, and possibly additional features like audio meditations, etc. We see health features on the horizon, but nothing notable before 2022. 

When will we know for sure?

Usually, new product announcements are made in September, so the speculated dates are falling in the second half of the month. Last year, the Series 6 & Series SE watches made the headlines, so we’re executing the Apple Watch Series 7 to feature heavily this year, too. 

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