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Apple's public beta for iOS 15 starts today. Come take a peek at the new update's hottest features and find out when they'll land on your device.

Apple’s iOS 15: When is the release date?

Today marks the beginning of the public beta for Apple’s iOS 15 and it’s iPad-focused counterpart. Considering Apple only releases updates once a year, typically alongside a new batch of devices, there’s a lot of excitement surrounding the new features offered in iOS 15. This is the first time Apple’s general users are getting a chance to test drive the update. 

Many of the new features offered in iOS 15 were clearly designed during the most stringent pandemic lockdowns. Apple has made FaceTime, content sharing, and notification sorting a major focus. The most visible changes in iOS 15 are coming to Safari, which is getting as close to a full redesign as it’s had in years. Many of the other changes are, in typical Apple fashion, background updates that most users won’t notice.

We know you’re dying to find out what changes are coming to iPhones and iPads later this year. Here’s a peek at all the features in iOS 15 and some insight into when the update will officially launch.

Walled garden

One of the major new features Apple is introducing is called SharePlay. In theory, the feature, which is built into FaceTime, allows users to share shows, movies, music, and podcasts with friends who aren’t in the room. At this point, Apple is late to the content sharing app game, which the pandemic gave a huge boost to last year. Still, SharePlay will be a welcome addition to iOS for some users.

Unfortunately, Apple has also made SharePlay so restrictive that it will only really be available to company diehards. SharePlay will only work for users on Apple hardware. App developers also need to opt into the service, which means big names like Netflix, YouTube, and Spotify are missing. On top of that, everyone “sharing” needs to have individual access to the content. If you own a movie, your friend will need to buy it, too.


Another feature clearly inspired by pandemic life is Focus. It aims to help users manage a work/life balance by setting up different home screens and notification allowances that take precedence at specific times & places. Focus is kind of an expanded “Do Not Disturb” that gets more granular in its settings.

Using Focus, you could have a separate home screen for work time and personal time. Your phone would know what time you work, or it could track your location to know when you’re at the office. Along with this, Focus can be configured to only allow certain notifications at certain times. When you’re home, for example, Focus can restrict how often your work email pings you. 

Large and small

Safari is getting the biggest shake-up in iOS 15. The browser is getting a whole new look, one that prioritizes ease of use with a single hand. Since Apple continues to make their phones larger and larger, the new design works to compensate for the extra screen space by moving the URL bar to the bottom and grouping tabs. 

There are a plethora of smaller changes coming with the update as well. All iOS devices will get a “Quick Notes” feature for taking notes anywhere & anytime. iPad users will notice tweaks to the way that multitasking works on the devices. The Weather app is getting some visual updates, and Apple Maps will see some improvements rolled out.

The big question remains: When will iOS 15 actually release? So far, Apple has just set “fall” as their release date. It’s safe to assume that the update will launch alongside the new batch of Apple devices, which will put release sometime in September of this year. 

Are you excited for the new iOS update? Are you an Apple fan, or did you ditch the company ages ago? Tell us all your thoughts in the comments. 

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