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Are you working online? Now you can track you and your employees using the best management software. Check out TrackTime24.

TRACKTIME24: The Best Alternative to Traditional workforce Management Softwares

Worktime management software has lately become a staple for corporations across the globe. They have proven to be much more efficient in employee management like time tracking, scheduling leave management, paper time cards, spreadsheets, and manual schedules. Tracktime24 is an emerging workforce management software, a valuable addition to this field, and certainly can give its competitors a run for their money. 

Unlike many of its counterparts, Tracktime24’s UI is relatively easy to navigate, making it accessible to older employers who might find new technology challenging. Corporations with a colossal workforce will surely benefit from Tracktime24′s many features, including work schedule maker, employee attendance tracking, absence management, management of payroll & benefits, and employee performance tracking, among others. 


Payroll Handling got way more convenient

Managing payrolls in TrackTime24 is one of the best things ever since sliced bread! With the freedom to generate payroll spreadsheets with just one click TrackTime24 is always at the tip of its toes in a ready-to-export payroll interface mode! Monitoring your employees’ clock-ins and clock-outs, as well as their working hours, including break and meal times  is a breeze!

Consider Work Time Tracker to be your second pair of eyes (in real time)

Get a work portal time planner that is straightforward in usage, and you could save up to 5+ hours a week on timesheets. So that gives you more time to pay attention to your business than ever before!

With the work time tracker, you can:

  • Keep an eye on the working hours: A complete breakdown of working hours for an individual employee.
  • Eliminating “late for office” habit: Establish rules and monitor whether workers arrive late or leave early.
  • Monitoring overtime: Overtime and working are automatically calculated for every employee.
  • Tracking paid/unpaid breaks: Establish rules, limits, and expectations for employee’s break times.
  • Compiling accurate timesheets: Compile your employees’ time and attendance data automatically.
  • Minimalistic mobile time clock UI: entirely ditching the need of any hardware, thereby cutting costs!

Manage leaves – with ease!

Get an automated leave tracker for the whole staff community to conveniently schedule their holidays and day leaves. Keep track of the employees’ vacation plans and time-off requests. Try using an absence scheduling system that checks all the boxes while still saving you time and you won’t be disappointed!

Leave Management – like a boss

  • Save paper- Get rid of those sticky notes: Start using the online time-saving software to alleviate the burden of handling employee absences.
  • Defining PTO limits: To limit the maximum number of days available per employee, you may account for the paid time off-limits.
  • Keeping used PTO in check: TrackTime24 allows you to easily automate the allocation management of an employee’s annual leave.
  • Add attachments: It allows you to attach and medical certificates with an absence or leave request.
  • Mapping out approval flow: Map a fully scalable approval mechanism that represents the structure of your organization.
  • Instant Notifications: Automatic Notifications on team’s time off!

Managing Business Trips got way more convenient

Simplify the method of preparing, approving, and handling business trips.

Easily allocate your employees, create discussion channels for business trips and store all necessary files in the one-single interface!

Sign up for free and procure the benefits of:

  • Streamlined online workflow: Seamlessly Manage your business travel online for your organization. TrackTime24 eliminates the amount of paperwork needed in these scenarios.
  • Live Chat integration: All dedicated employees get access to an encrypted messaging platform where they can connect with one another and exchange all relevant information.
  • Securing file repository: Allows sharing of key files between participants of a business trip.

Available On: iOS | Android | Desktop  

Price: FREE  

Rating: 4.9/5 

Wrapping it up on a sweet note. An efficient employee management system, like Track time24, shall benefit the employers and the workforce by assessing and optimizing individual productivity. Tracktime24 may be a new name in the market of workforce management software, yet it looks like it might not only survive the test of time but become one of the leading software in the market. 

By now, you probably know the in-depth features of TrackTime24. Well, don’t start snoring yet; there’s more! Try exploring their ease of access to QuickBooks Online, Square, and Xero integrations. The list of integrations is continuously being expanded, aspiring to match each company’s ecosystem. With absolutely no barrage on free phone calls, online chats, and email services- it is undoubtedly the next big thing!  

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