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To say that Season 2 of And Just Like That starts with a bang would be an understatement. Take a look at the details right before the premiere!

Is ‘And Just Like That…’ sexist? These ‘SATC’ memes scream “yes”

We’re only a couple of weeks away from the HBO Max debut of And Just Like That . . ., the follow-up series to the HBO hit Sex and the City, which ran for six seasons and even spawned two major motion pictures. Have you checked out the latest trailer for the upcoming project? 

And Just Like That . . . will follow Carrie and her best friends Miranda and Charlotte as they navigate the complicated reality of life and friendship in their fifties. Kim Cattrall, who portrayed Samantha Jones on the series and both big-screen adaptations, opted not to return for the new series. This is not really a surprise to fans of the show, given Cattrall’s constant rumored on and off set drama. 

While fans may find it difficult to get used to a Sex and the City world without Samantha Jones, there’s no doubt that so many of us are ready to return to the city with our favorite girls as well as their men, especially when considering that they’ve added Grey’s Anatomy’s Sara Ramirez to the cast. But why are we so excited for And Just Like That . . . ? Because of all the amazing SATC memes, of course! Care to check out our favs? 

COVID Carrie

Let the And Just Like That memes commence

Crypto Carrie? 

We’re losing our creative touch. We’ll just let the And Just Like That memes do the work. 

Strongside vs. left side

Are there any #TeamAidan fans out there

Cancel white men

Carrie Bradshaw says so . . . .

Please stand up

Carrie always finds time for a quick writing session. 

This one got us

Carrie Bradshaw always finds a way to make it about her! 

Girls overthink it

It’s option B, Carrie

This And Just Like That meme has balls

And we don’t want any part of them. 

We all had a dry spell in quarantine 

Stop making this about you, Carrie. 

Laurel vs. Yanny

This was the most annoying thing ever, especially if you couldn’t hear either! Thanks for reminding us, And Just Like That memes . . .

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