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Does Jake Gyllenhaal shower? These memes have the answer

If we’re being honest, actor Jake Gyllenhaal has been taking quite the beating as of recent days, primarily thanks to Taylor Swift’s new music video for “All Too Well” in which many believe she’s depicting her time with the Nightcrawler actor from nearly a decade ago. It was seemingly a beautiful moment that seemed to have had its stinky moments . . . oh, and speaking of “stinky”. 

We’ve also learned recently how Jake Gyllenhaal doesn’t quite see the importance of showering, speaking openly with Vanity Fair last August and revealing how more and more he finds “bathing to be less necessary”. However, he quickly backpedaled and proclaimed how he does indeed shower regularly. 

So which is it, Jake? Are you a clean/dirty boyfriend or a dirty/dirty boyfriend? Let’s delve into some of the best Jake Gyllenhaal memes about the actor’s relationship habits as well as his alleged hygiene or lack thereof

No Time to shower

Too busy worrying about the next Taylor Swift song


Too bad “All Too Well” hasn’t been confirmed to be Jakey. In fact, one could say it’s still a “Mysterio”? Boo

The stench of love

We’re still in the dark as to why people don’t give Sting crap for not showering, though . . . 

Girls freaking out

And guys not caring. 

Squeaky clean there, Jake

The things actors do to prepare for a role. We love these Jake Gyllenhaal shower jokes and memes. 

The Swift Reaper

Taylor comes for everyone, eventually.

Not a meme

But funny nonetheless. Do we hate people who don’t shower more than we do for breaking Taylor Swift’s heart? 


It’s brutal out here for Jake Gyllenhaal. 

The showdown of the century 

On one side, Talor Swift’s ex. On the other side, the actor who played Taylor Swift’s ex. Does the winner get a free shower? 

Pretty accurate

If this is true then give the cinematographer a raise ASAP. Genius! 


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