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'After We Fell' was an interesting entry in the series to say the least. Grab your copy of Wuthering Heights as we dive into why After We Fell was not good.

All the reasons why ‘After We Fell’ is a huge disappointment

After We Fell was an . . . . interesting entry in the After series, but at this point what can we expect? The drama was at its height, the cute moments were few & far between, and we can’t help but keep asking why people are still making these films in the first place? 

After We Fell is the third film of the After series, based on the book of the same name. Released on Amazon Prime on October 22nd, the film showcases just how unhealthy the main relationship is as well as how quickly these films are going downhill. 

Of course, fans & haters took to Twitter to discuss After We Fell in all it’s . . . . glory. We read through the threads to find more information and the best reactions to After We Fell. Grab your copy of Wuthering Heights as we dive into why After We Fell was not . . . . good. 

After We Fell 

The third film follows the couple’s latest trial: Will Tessa move to Seattle for work or will she stay with Hardin in order to preserve their relationship? Of course, this answer fills the film with nothing but fights and half-hearted apologies alongside useless drama from the other characters, such as Tessa’s father, who has chosen now to return yet the film spends little time on the impact of this. 

The soap opera level drama somehow exploded to an even higher degree than the last two films (which is a feat in itself). The more erotic parts of the film are about as sexy as a wet paper bag, with odd editing choices and a lack of enthusiam from all parties involved. 

But the truly terrible part of the film is also what is inherently wrong with these books and many other books similar to this series: it publicizes these parts of toxic relationships and frames them as romantic when they’re anything but. 

Fanfiction & framing 

After is based on a fanfiction that had its beginnings on Wattpad. This story, similar to another famous case Fifty Shades of Grey, takes what would be considered an abusive & toxic relationship and attempts to frame it as romantic and ideal to its readers. 

The fights are framed as fits of passion, the undesirable parts of each member of the couple seen as “fixable”,  and above all the sex is seen as the best and sometimes the only reason the couple even gets and stays together. In short, it showcases a toxic relationship and makes it appear as if it was the most romantic thing since Romeo and Juliet. 

Not only is this creating this image in the minds of viewers, but it also takes fanfiction and makes it appear as if these stories are just full of smut & arguments. As the movies go on, After tumbles further and further downhill while they try to keep this relationship afloat and people are beginning to really notice. 

Twitter fell over in boredom 

Naturally, many viewers of the film took to Twitter to discuss the slow devolution of the After series. From the performances to individual scenes, many people found places where the film needed . . . . improvement.  Reactions include: 

Definitely need better editors . . . .

Why? Just . . . . why?

Please no, not that trope again!

Going right for the throat on that one! 

Aka most people’s reaction in a nutshell. 

What are your thoughts on After We Fell? Let us know in the comments before the next After film drops! 

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