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Will the 'After' franchise continue expanding? Will Hero Fiennes Tiffin & Josephine Langford stick around? Let’s dive into the salacious details.

Will Hero Fiennes Tiffin and Josephine Langford return for ‘After’ prequel?

Who doesn’t love a good romance? As a teenager, you may have also indulged in the wide world of Wattpad. Wattpad provides a variety of stories including fanfictions. Anna Todd wrote one of the most popular fanfictions and Wattpad stories of all time – After. Thanks to the internet, Todd was able to bring her book to life in the form of a movie franchise.

Will the After franchise continue or will it crash and burn? Will Hero Fiennes Tiffin & Josephine Langford stick around? Let’s dive into the salacious details. 

Spoiler warning!

From page to screen

After is a widely known Y.A. (young adult) book series with the protagonist being based on One Direction member and musician Harry Styles. Cue the swoons and sighs. Heartthrob Harry Styles was obviously a major selling point to millions of teenage fans. The popularity of After brought fans from all over the world to Wattpad.

The love story between Harry (oops, Hardin) & Tessa is tumultuous, but it’s completely captivating. After, After We Collided, After We Fell, After Ever Happy, and prequel Before were released as a book series based on the popularity of the Wattpad versions. With thousands of copies being sold worldwide, it became apparent this franchise wasn’t slowing down.

Of course, production companies caught wind of the popularity and decided to bring the After franchise to the big screen. Eventually, After the movie was released in 2019 and it starred Hero Fiennes Tiffin as Hardin and Josephine Langford as Tessa. Fans ate up the screen adaptation and were already craving more!

After We Collided was inevitably released a year later and we’re still asking Anna Todd to bring us more Hardin/Tessa action!


Calling all After fans: more movies have been announced! Does this mean we’ll be seeing more of Hero Fiennes Tiffin’s Hardin? An upcoming addition will be “loosely” based on Anna Todd’s prequel Before, according to Teen Vogue. The team is hoping to bring six movies to the franchise unlike other popular franchises such as The Hunger Games which only had four.

Writer & director Castille Landon spoke to Teen Vogue about the recent news. “The After universe just keeps expanding. The fandom, and how excited they are and their input, it really does inspire us all as creators every single day.” Landon hopes to delve more into Hardin’s dark and twisted past with future movies on the horizon. 

“He’s gone through a lot of trauma in his family life and in his relationships, and [we’ll] see more of that messiness before he meets Tessa, and how that experience changes him.” Teen Vogue reports that the younger version of Hardin will not be played by Hero Fiennes Tiffin. We’re not crying . . . you’re crying!

After Ever Happy

Before isn’t the only film addition that’s been announced. Anna Todd’s After Ever Happy will provide everything the team needs to expand the After universe. Tessa & Hardin’s children will take center stage in this follow-up movie. Emery & Auden will be the focus alongside their cousin Addy, who were introduced in the epilogue of the After Ever Happy book

“Emery, Auden, and Addy are quite beloved by the fans. We’ve all gotten a lot of inquiries about what happens with the kids,” Landon told Teen Vogue. “It’s really amazing actually to see how interested the fanbase is in those characters, even though they are really only superficially introduced in the books. People have latched onto them because of their love for Hardin and Tessa.”

While Tessa and Hardin will appear in cameos, Fiennes-Tiffin & Langford won’t reprise their roles. This doesn’t mean we won’t be seeing Hero Fiennes Tiffin & Josephine Langford anymore. After We Fell is scheduled to be released later this year and we’re already on the edge of our seats.

Will you be sticking around for the After franchises expansion? Are you ready to say goodbye to Hero Fiennes Tiffin & Josephine Langford? Let us know your theories in the comments.

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