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Why is Adobe trending again? One Twitter user canceled their account and posted a receipt for a huge cancelation fee. See how Twitter's reacting now.

Why are Twitter users calling Adobe accounts a scam? Read the receipts

You know those Twitter accounts? The ones that are obviously corporate shills hiding behind the identity of “Debbie from Wisconsin” or “Ross from Atlanta”? They can usually be spotted a mile away – their tweets are too corporate-sounding and they just love their companies a little too much (we’re looking at you, fake Amazon employee accounts). 

Turns out, Adobe also has these accounts. Adobe, the graphics software known for being industry-standard – or industry-monopolizing, depending on who you ask – in art, animation, and graphic design. 

They’re also known for their exorbitant prices, be it a monthly subscription to just Photoshop for $9.99/month (or about one streaming service), their entire Creative Cloud for over $50/month, or the Cloud for only $239/year – that is, if you’re a teacher or student. Otherwise, you’re forking over just under 600 bucks. Per year. 😱😱😱

On top of that, Adobe is reportedly as ruthless as cable with it comes to canceling your account with them, as one Twitter user claimed they were met with a $450 bill for dropping their subscription. Apparently, those monthly subscriptions are actually annual contracts according to some other Twitter netizens, sucking hapless artists & designers into shelling out big bucks to create their work. 😡😡😡

Of course, since today is also #PortfolioDay, where artists showcase their life’s work on social media, you might find an account or two singing Adobe’s praises. And due to their prices, making any starving artist say holy $%&#, Twitter’s having none of it. Here are the latest tweets shutting down Adobe and any fake corporate account coming their way. 

Pro tips

Whenever Adobe’s trending, the good netizens of the world band together and show people strapped for cash what to do if they’re on the receiving end of a big cancellation fee. 

Cheaper alternatives 

Plus, the good people of the world are sharing their favorite cheap or free software swaps to avoid Adobe altogether. 

Word of the day is “Plunderstorm” 

Cartoonist Jen Sorenson plugged her 2014 comic from when Adobe changed their model to a “cloud” She warned us of the dangers of a cloud account (and more cloud accounts) becoming the way of the future, gouging your hard-earned paycheck month after month, year after year. 

You wouldn’t steal a DVD

Twitter’s reminding all starving artists that piracy is a thing, and if you see someone with pirated software that looks like an Adobe account, no you didn’t! 

Defending Adobe

This account is obviously from a company, but a lot of “Karens from Delaware” also kinda sound like this. 

Someone loves their Photoshop

Lots of this videogame designer’s work is credited to Adobe. To be fair though, lots of art accounts on social media also credit the tools they use to make their art. Plus, this account clearly belongs to someone who works for the industry, which is currently chained to the “industry standard”, Adobe 😓

Cancellation fee receipts

This Twitter account came armed with receipts when Adobe started trending. 

Sad but true

This account rightly pointed out that when you work in the industry with a team of other artists, and the industry standard is Adobe, you can’t just pluck whatever free software is out there as a replacement. 😩

Time to cancel Adobe? 

The better question is: can a giant cloud service like Adobe, which again is considered the “industry standard” in the content creation world, even be canceled at this point? 

What are your thoughts on Adobe? Are you an artist, animator, or designer who’s chained to your Adobe account? If so, we want to hear from you in the comments below! 

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