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While your creative juices may be flowing, your wallets might tell a different story. Check out if there is a way to get Adobe for free here.

Is Adobe free? Here’s how to get free access to their programs

Whether you’re a student, creative, professional, or just someone who’s hoping to break into the designing scene, Adobe programs offer arguably the best tools. Adobe’s programs are loaded with utility and offers a wide range of provisions to exercise your artistry. 

However, the subscription price of Adobe can sometimes be heavy on people who are a bit strapped for cash. So, we’ve rounded up all the ways you can enjoy Adobe without whipping out your debit or credit card.

Trial version

Who doesn’t love free trials? Adobe offers a free seven-day trial to new users. You can take advantage of the free trial and get your hands dirty in Adobe’s slew of creative applications. The trial version is sprinkled with a few caveats, but the grand price of $0 undercuts all those limitations.

You can cancel your subscription during the trial period without any extra fee, though if you choose to continue, you can consent to either an annual plan of $599.88 or a monthly plan of $79.49.

Discounts for students & teachers 

Adobe consistently gives out heavy discounts to students & teachers. Last year, the company offered a beacon of light to students who were stuck at home because of the COVID-19 outbreak with free, temporary remote access to Creative Cloud apps. Though the offer isn’t available any longer, students & teachers can still get discounts of over 60% on their subscription fee.

To qualify for the discount, you have to pass through a meticulous process. You must be at least thirteen years of age and enrolled in a school or college. A school-issued email address will instantly verify your institutional affiliation, but in case you don’t have one you can use proof of enrollment such as a school ID card, report card, transcript, or tuition bill to validate your account. 

As long as you fulfill Adobe’s criteria and provide proof of eligibility, you can get access to the student & teacher editions through their official website. 

Free membership

Did you know you can sign up right now for a free membership of Adobe Creative Cloud that never expires and provides a slew of free benefits? Well, now you do! Adobe offers a free Creative Cloud membership to whoever signs up on the app, even if you have canceled your Creative Cloud plan or haven’t bought a subscription ever. 

The membership comes with a host of perks that you can enjoy for life that includes two gigabytes of storage space, fully integrated use of Adobe’s family of mobile apps, access to file syncing & sharing features, access to new desktop app trials for new tools & services, and Adobe’s basic library of fonts. The membership also provides you a free starter plan for Adobe Fresco, Adobe XD, Premiere Rush, and Adobe Spark.

Free alternatives

Although Adobe has monopolized the creative tools marketplace, there are apps that you can use as a substitute for some of Adobe’s products. If you aren’t appeased with any of the above options, then look to these free applications to complete your Adobe-reliant tasks. 

Pixlr X 

Pixlr X is a photo editing software that can be run on desktops, tablets, and smartphones, or it can be used as a web app. The app’s layout is similar to its Adobe counterpart, so Adobe users will find it quite easy to get used to Pixlr X.


Scribus is designed for the layout, typesetting, and preparation of files for professional-quality image-setting equipment. The app is a widely used alternative for Adobe InDesign.


If you’ve always wanted to give Adobe Illustrator a try but were reluctant to drop a ton of money on subscription plans, then Inkscape is the perfect alternative for you. The app focuses on the SVG format and boasts highly sophisticated features that are available free of cost.

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