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Alison Chace: Thrills in Disaster Pic Continental Split

Actress Alison Chace Thrills in Disaster Pic ‘Continental Split’

Audiences love a disaster movie. We laugh, we cheer, we get a thrill from watching dangerous events happening to someone else. In the latest Tubi release, Continental Split, gives fans everything they want as it splits the country in two – literally.

The clock is ticking as a seismic fault line threatens a catastrophic event that will tear the country in half. Actress Alison Chace stars as the unwise Governor Barber, who like in many other disaster pics, simply isn’t willing to listen to the experts.

Prior to arguing over fault lines, Alison appeared in many notable TV shows, including FBI, Succession, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Bull, and Dear Edward. She also stepped behind the lens to direct the documentary Under The Same Sky, celebrating women globally.

The talented actress can also be seen coming soon hunting down fugitives in the Netflix series The Gringo Hunters and opposite rapper Master P in Clika.

Tell us about your role as Governor Barber in “Continental Split.”

Alison Chace (AC): Governor Barber is like the female version of Mayor Larry Vaughn from “Jaws,” but with bigger dreams—like Oval Office big. Sadly, her career is about to hit a sinkhole (literally). What attracted me? Besides the prospect of potentially running the country, I love characters who appear to have it all together until the ground starts shaking beneath them. It’s my specialty—playing the poised professional who’s one seismic event away from unraveling.

What attracted you to want to portray her?

AC: Who wouldn’t want to play a character who decides the fate of a nation while dodging falling debris? It’s like being the ultimate crisis manager with a killer wardrobe.

Any fun stories from the set you can share with us?

AC: Imagine delivering a powerful speech while a crew member sneaks up behind me with a giant foam boulder. Dodging fake debris and keeping a straight face should be Olympic sports, trust me. It’s all part of the chaos that makes filming disasters oddly hilarious.

Where do you start when you first get a script?

AC: First things first: memorize those lines faster than you can say “craft services.” You can’t embody a character until you know their lines better than your own phone number. Then it’s all about diving into their psyche—and the whole prep is MUCH more fun if you have an acting coach rehearse with you before you get on set. I know some great ones!

As an actor, do you gravitate towards a certain type of character, or do you just take them as they come?

AC: I’ve been likened to Mariska Hargitay more times than I can count—strong, put-together women in positions of authority who are one step away from unraveling. It’s my niche, and I embrace it like my morning cup of ambition.

What’s been the biggest challenge you’ve faced as an actor, and how did you overcome it?

AC: Convincing folks back in my hometown of Cincinnati that I don’t actually suffer from the ailments my characters endure—I’ve done my fair share of commercials, and no, I do not have explosive diarrhea. At least not today.

How did you get started in acting?

AC: Blame it on my childhood obsession with make-believe and a school play where I nailed the role a talking tree. From there, it was a slippery slope into the glamorous world of pretending for a paycheck. Most actors do it for the same reason I do- it’s fun.

You’ve also stepped behind the lens for the documentary “Under The Same Sky.” What can you tell us about that film?

AC: It was eye-opening to meet inspiring women from diverse backgrounds and capture their stories about love and over-coming self doubt. Directing allowed me to swap costume changes for deep conversations—it’s storytelling with a side of soul searching. Surrounding myself with inspiring women is my thang. Oprah, can we have lunch?

Best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

AC: Always show up early, get a blowout before hitting hair and makeup, and bring a nude bra. It’s the holy trinity of set preparedness. Oh, and never forget to thank who bought you lunch—it’s typically the same person who hired you. And, bring a charger for your laptop.

What inspires you most in your life and career?

AC: Helping fellow actors through my production company LMC, and launching “The Dinger,” a platform for emerging comedic talent. Connecting people and creating opportunities—that’s what gets me out of bed in the morning. I just produced a comedy pilot with some actor friends called Lady Cops- that is the stuff I love doing most, making art with friends and then seeing how far we can get with it.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

AC: A huge shout-out to my two sons Finn and Callum, for thriving in their independence. They are now in their 20’s. As any Mom knows, when the kids are doing great, it frees up space to focus on your own life. And speaking of support networks, my platform Pink Wisdom has been a haven of positive support for women since 2012. It’s my passion project that’s connected me with countless smart, driven women committed to personal growth. It has inspired all sorts of other creative projects, not the least of which is I created a fun texting app called Pink Kisses. But that is for a different interview.

Connect with Alison Chace on Instagram: @alisonchace

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