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Casey Thordarson has spent his film career working on perfecting his horror techniques. Now, with three hits in a row, it seems like he's done it.

Nathalie Bibeau’s 'The Walrus and the Whistleblower' has had rave reviews after being shown in film festivals. Here's our interview with Bibeau.

We sat down with both Adam VillaSeñor and Reza Ghassemi to discuss 'In Full Bloom' and their time working together over the years.

Filmmaker Grant Fraser's latest film 'Strangers to the World' focuses on two civilians during World War 2. Here's our interview with Fraser.

Becoming a filmmaker has been a dream of Poage’s since he was young. Here's our interview with Justin Poage about his latest film 'Arbitration'.

'Rise of the Synths' director, Iván Castell was kind enough to do an interview with us, here's what he as to say about his movie and career.

'Meat the Future' is one of many interesting documentaries coming out of the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival. Here's what we know.

Stonestreet Studios has been producing film works for almost thirty years now. Here's our interview with founder Alyssa Rallo Bennett.

Mercedes Felix has been dubbed as the female Cesar Milan. Here's our exclusive interview with Mercedes Felix of Coastal Paws.