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We caught up with showrunner Stacy Rukeyser to talk about 'UnReal' and 'Everlasting' and the need for complex female characters.

Check out some of the best stories we’ve heard of Shadowhunters friendships in one of the warmest, most inviting fandoms in the world: the #Shadowfam.

With a script from Oscar-nominated screenwriter Eric Andrew Heisserer and riffing on Philip K. Dick and 'Black Mirror' with shades of 'War of the Worlds', 'Extinction' is a

NBC's 'Good Girls' features some bold depictions of good women forced to make bad choices in order to take care of their families. On the flip side of

Paul Scanlan graces Film Daily with candid answers to questions about Legion M's disruptive take on fan-focused movie crowdfunding.

In 1990, the way we engaged with content was very different from today. There was no Netflix and chill, binge-watching really wasn’t a thing (that people would admit