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ABC has been the reigning drama destination for decades. Here are some ABC TV shows we regularly follow and bingewatch for some comfort.

Is ABC the master of drama? Binge these TV shows and decide for yourself

ABC has been the reigning drama destination for decades. Right from the days of Bewitched, a fantasy sitcom series that featured a secret society of powerful witches & warlocks all the way to the comic adaptation Stumptown, ABC TV shows have truly been the cream of the crop. 

Here are some ABC TV shows we regularly follow and binge-watch for some comfort.

Grey’s Anatomy

Nothing establishes ABC’s credentials as the master of drama as the fact that it is home to the longest-running medical drama in television history. What started as a medical romance with Meredith Grey in a love triangle with Derek “McDreamy” Shepherd & a vet soon turned into one of the best commentaries on the lives of medical professionals in television history.

As it progresses through its latest season, it tackles the very raw issue of the COVID-19 pandemic too. Befittingly named Grey’s Anatomy after a textbook that’s the equivalent of a medical bible, this show has seen a lot of deaths, departures, milestones, relationships, and surgeries. 

That a medical drama is able to do all this while not sounding didactic & keeping its sense of humor intact is commendable. Grey’s Anatomy has also given us many beautiful phrases to slip into conversations, “You’re my person”, “It’s a beautiful day to save lives”, among other narrations by the eponymous protagonist that we hear at the beginning & end of each episode.


This thriller drama series starring Indian actor Priyanka Chopra Jonas as Alex Parrish traces the journey of fresh FBI recruits through their training days. 

Quantico packs a lot in the plot: they talk about racism, secrets, patriotism, and much more. There are twists & turns aplenty to keep you hooked. Showrunner Joshua Safran has reportedly based the story on a relative of his. 

Safran once shared, “I have a family member who either is a pathological liar or has been involved with a government agency my whole life. I’ve always struggled with knowing that I would never know the truth, because there is no real such thing as the truth with regard to somebody who may or may not be telling the truth. That struggle informed the character of Alex.”


Do you love a little bit of supernatural theory mixed with science fiction? If so, Lost is the best ABC TV drama for you. It follows the journey of survivors of a plane crash who are lost on a mysterious island — hence the name. 

If the premise isn’t appealing enough for you, Lost also comes with a lot of critical acclaim, several awards, and a flashback-flashforward oscillation that makes for a worthy watch.

Desperate Housewives

Before we had Big Little Lies, we had Desperate Housewives. Starring Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman, Marcia Cross, Eva Longoria, this ABC TV drama has been a trailblazer in many ways, the most obvious being the unfiltered portrayal of women’s middle age. 

Over the course of 8 seasons, Desperate Housewives tackles themes like widowhood, adultery, suicide. There’s something about a suburban setting & a close-knit community that makes a murder mystery plot all the more appealing. 


One of the newer shows on the block, Stumptown brings to life a casting that comes together with the most unlikely personalities. Jake Johnson of New Girl fame & Cobie Smoulders of How I Met Your Mother fame find a new life in newer characters, this time in a show based on an eponymous comic series. 

Stumptown is actually a nickname for Portland, where our protagonist Dex Parios finds a new life as a private investigator. Or does she? As luck would have it, the renewal of the show was cancelled due to the pandemic.

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