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There weren't as many new movies in 2020 as we all expected, but there are still plenty worth watching. Here's how to watch them for free.

Where to watch all the best movies released in 2020 for free

With another lockdown looming over our heads & Oscar season around the corner, it’s tempting to drop some cash on a rented movie. However, you may not have that kind of cash laying around and the thought of signing up for Netflix again to just watch The Princess Switch seems like a nightmare. Low & behold, there are sites on the internet that stream popular films & TV shows for free. 

While we here at Film Daily don’t condone bypassing capitalism & using these sites, we realize that sometimes a film lover doesn’t have that option. There’s a risk on most of these sites with pop-up ads & potential viruses, so stream at your own risk and always protect your computer from viruses. 

The movies

Looking to try out one of these sites and need something to watch? Surprisingly 2020 has given us some pretty awesome, hilarious and heartbreaking films despite the pandemic. With many Oscar favorites not even out yet, the following websites will help you watch them when they do. 

Maybe you missed Tenet because your drive-in theater was sold out. Or if you’re looking for an endearing and wicked smart comedy with heart, look no further than Palm Springs. Starring Andy Samberg, Cristin Milioti, & J.K Simmons, this soon to be comedy classic originally streamed on Hulu. 

Want to watch a lesbian period film? Try Ammonite. A passionate & quiet romance starring Kate Winslet & Saoirse Ronan, this film’s sex scene will knock your socks off and into the bedroom. A clever mystery more your speed? Blow The Man Down is exactly what you’re looking for with a girl power twist.

Straight from Netflix

Netflix has had a pretty good year as well, with many critical hits. The Forty-Year-Old Verison, The Boys in the Band, The Trail of the Chicago 7, I’m Thinking of Ending Things, & The Devil All The Time proved to be successes for the streaming service. However, Netflix just raised its prices again, leaving many disgruntled customers to cancel their subscriptions. 

If you still want that Netflix content or any content really that could come with a high price tag, then the following websites might be your saving grace. 


The ‘it girl’ of the free streaming world, this site originally shut down in 2018. However clone sites still exist and are constantly updating with new content. 123movieca seems to have the largest library. Know what you want going in, as the homepage is just one big search bar. 

Popcorn Time

This app is perfect if you want to stream free movies on your appleTV or Amazon Firestick. Using BitTorrent, the app has a variety of films & shows to choose from. Searching for something specific like Birds of Prey?  Using the search function on the app is a breeze & browsing for something new is even easier. 


AZMovies is nice because they don’t only feature the latest movies on their homepage. If you google this streaming site, make sure you click on the one with the address. A mixture of old & new, this site is perfect for finding new things to watch for free.

An oldie but a goodie, this longstanding free streaming site updates regularly and offers every single film you can think of. Whether you’re searching for a foreign rom-com or the newest blockbuster, solarmovies is a good & reliable place to stream movies. Pro tip: a small box in the film’s corner let’s you know if the stream is in HD. 

Sometimes you get what you pay for. In this particular instance, free gets you an excessive amount of ads. However, this site offers pretty much every single popular film & show you can imagine. At the time of publication, New Mutants, The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special & The Princess Switch: Switched Again are gracing its home page with new updates daily. 

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