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There are over twenty members in the K-pop group NCT. Learn about the subunit group WayV and which members are involved.

Get to know the NCT members: Everything to know about WayV

NCT (or Neo Culture Technology) is no normal K-Pop group. Right now, they have an incredible amount of members – twenty-three to be exact. Other K-Pop groups have almost totaled this number of members (EXO had 22 at one point), but not many K-Pop groups have attempted rotating rosters. 

NCT has had a revolving roster since its conception and they’ve embraced the idea of unlimited band members. NCT will continue adding members to their band roster indefinitely and have broken their current twenty-three members into four subunits: NCT U, NCT 127, NCT Dream, and WayV.  Every NCT idol is part of NCT U. Although some are considered original members, for NCT U, everyone is included and only the lineup changes.

The NCT subunit this article will be focusing on is WayV. WayV is unique for more than just its name. It’s a NCT subunit that’s based in China. They officially debuted on January 17, 2019 and communally own two cats named Louis & Leon. Let’s dive into the members. 

Kun: WayV member 

Kun is the leader and one of the lead vocalists in WayV. He’s a Chinese singer & actor and his given name is Qian Kun. Kun’s good at singing, cooking, playing piano, and performing magic. 

He graduated from Beijing Contemporary Music Institute with a specialty in pop vocal performance. Though he is an only child, he is known for being responsible and reliable. Kun is seen as the parent figure in WayV. 

Ten: WayV member 

Ten is a Chinese-Thai dancer, rapper, and singer. He is ethnically Chinese but his nationality is Thai. His given name is Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul. Ten is the main dancer, lead vocalist, and lead rapper of WayV, as well as the main dancer, lead vocalist, and sub-rapper of SuperMTen is good at basketball, rap, Taekwondo, piano, and surfing.

He likes playing with animals, playing sports, and drawing in his free time. Ten is a polyglot. He can speak Korean, Thai, Chinese, English, and Japanese – all fluently! The first dance genre Ten ever tried was B-boying (a type of breakdancing) and he says his role model is Rihanna. Ten spends most of his money on clothes and can’t live without his phone or earbuds. 

Lucas: WayV member 

Lucas is a Chinese-Thai rapper. He was born in Hong Kong with the given name Wong Yuhei. Lucas is one of the main rappers, lead dancers, and sub-vocalists of WayV. In 2019 he debuted in the supergroup SuperM. Lucas wanted to be a firefighter when he was younger. 

Lucas is half Chinese & half Thai (his father is Chinese, his mother is Thai). He can speak Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, English, and Thai. Lucas is known for his charming good energy and many say he resembles Choi Minho from SHINee. Lucas has a younger brother and makes sure to visit his mother in Thailand at least once a year. 

Xiao Jun: WayV member 

Xiao Jun is a Chinese singer born in Guangdong, China. His given name is Xiao Dejun. He is the main vocalist of WayV. Xiao’s hobbies include reading, composing, rewatching old movies, and eating nonstop. 

We wonder if he ever gets together with Jungwoo to chow down. Xiao can play the guitar, piano, drums, and ukulele. Both his father and mother were in the music industry and he can write & compose his own songs. 

Hendery: WayV member 

Hendery is a Macanese singer who is the lead rapper and sub-vocalist of WayV. Hendery’s given name is Wong Kun-hang. Hendery made his debut for the subunit WayV on the digital EP The Vision

He hates frogs so much he can’t even look at them. Hendery can play the drums and also has three older sisters. He can speak Cantonese, English, Madarin, and Korean. 

Yang Yang: WayV member 

Yang Yang’s given name is Lui Yangyang. He’s Taiwanese but was raised in Düsseldorf, Germany since fourth grade. Yang Yang is a main rapper, sub-vocalist, main dancer and maknae (youngest one) of WayV. 

He is known for being compassionate, energetic, hard-working, and funny. Yang Yang used to love going to night markets to buy fried sweet potato balls. He is currently learning how to play the piano. 

Winwin: WayV & NCT 127 member

Winwin is currently inactive in NCT 127 because he’s been so busy promoting WayV in China. Winwin’s given name is Dong Sicheng. He’s a Chinese rapper and dancer who was born in Wenzhou Zhejiang, China. 

Winwin can play the guitar and speak both Chinese and Korean. He got casted on the street by SM Entertainment while leaving Beijing Dance Academy, however it took SM Entertainment two years to actually get a hold of him.

Apparently, whenever SM Entertainment scouted Winwin he would give them the wrong phone number because he thought they were scammers. They got you in the end, didn’t they, Winwin?

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