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Do you love the K and C pop supergroup known as NCT? Here's our rundown of the hottest members and what they are getting up to.

Obsessed with NCT? Everything the hottest members are up to

Do you love the K and C pop supergroup known as NCT? Have you fallen into the endless hole of music videos and songs featuring the main and subgroups? Are you ready to start picking which of the biggest names associated with NCT to stan? Lucky for you, we’re pretty obsessed with NCT and its various members too.

While the group itself is huge, clocking in at around 20 members, we’re focusing on the five biggest names associated with NCT. These NCT members have the world at their fingertips and fans obsessed with their next big project. Here’s what they have in the pipeline, should you be curious to check it out.


Taeyong, the popular leader of the NCT 127, doesn’t really dip into the acting pool much. When he isn’t involved with NCT, he has a very robust music career. We haven’t seen what he plans to do in 2020 yet, but his 2019 was full of new achievements.

NCT 127 released their full-length Japanese album Awaken in April 2019. On the album, Taeyong co-wrote the song “Lips”.

In July 2019, Taeyong released his first solo song with “Long Flight”, which he had co-composed and written. 

In August 2019, Taeyong was revealed to be a member of the SM Entertainment K-pop group, SuperM. Joining Taeyong in SuperM are his fellow NCT members Mark, Ten, and Lucas along with Shinee’s Taemin and Exo’s Baekhyun and Kai. Taeyong also collaborated with Punch for the song “Love del Luna” for the television series, Hotel del Luna

As part of NCT 127, Taeyong is preparing to release Neo Zone with the rest of the members of the group. 


Known for his unparalleled dancing, Ten was a founding member of the NCT sub-unit WayV, who officially debuted in January 2019 with their first EP The Vision

In August 2019, it was announced that Ten was one of several members of the K-pop supergroup known as SuperM, which is aimed at an American market. In October, SuperM released their self-titled EP. With that release, SuperM became the first K-pop group to hit the Billboard 200 with a debut album.

In addition to his work with WayV and SuperM, Ten also hosted the show Food Truck Battle.


Jaemin is largely associated with the sub-group of NCT, NCT Dream. He’s been quite a popular member of NCT-Drama since its debut. In 2019, NCT Dream released a collaboration with HRVY entitled “Don’t Need Your Love”. Later that year, NCT Dream released their third EP, We Boom

Jaemin had a role in the web drama Method to Hate You. The series follows “the dating adventures of Oh Mi Ri, a college freshman who finds herself struggling to navigate love and friendship on campus.”

He also appeared as a cast member in Wanna Play? GG! in 2019 as well.


A fellow member of the subgroup NCT Dream, Chenle also experienced the same excitement that Jaemin had recently with the release of “Don’t Need Your Love” and We Boom in 2019.

While Chenle is an active member of NCT Dream, he doesn’t quite hustle as the rest of the group. We can’t really find any upcoming projects in 2020 for him. As we previously said, Chenle usually spends time at home with his mom in South Korean when NCT isn’t performing or promoting. 


Lucas also helped found WayV, a subgroup of NCT specifically for China, in 2019 with fellow NCT member Ten. Following the release of WayV’s first EP, The Vision, Lucas was announced as a regular fixed cast member for the variety show, Keep Running, for its seventh season.

In addition to his work with WayV and Keep Running, Lucas was also included in the supergroup SuperM with its release along with fellow members Taeyong, Ten, and Mark. October 2019 saw the release of their first EP in the US, which did well.

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