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Is Britney Spears unhappy with the latest documentary, or three, about her? Dive into her Instagram post about some "untrue" statements here.

The sensational reasons why Britney Spears dislikes the latest documentary

Britney Spears just shared a message on Instagram concerning her thoughts on one of the recent documentaries about her conservatorship. In the documentary she appears to be calling out, Controlling Britney Spears, Spears’s former personal assistant, wardrobe assistant, and someone who worked for her head of security, spoke out about what they witnessed regarding her conservatorship. 

However, Britney Spears said in her Instagram post that a lot of what was said in the documentary was “untrue”. It’s about time Spears took some control over her narrative, as she’s finally been able to this year. Though she has spoken out about the abuse she has suffered under the conservatorship, she’s apparently not here for any falsehoods. Now that we know she’s watching, we wonder if she’ll have more to say. 

What she has said is that the documentary caused her to scratch her head, and that she doesn’t want to deal with the drama. She seemed to indicate that she wished certain things had been left in the past, and criticized the “dialogue”, though we’re not sure what she’s specifically referring to. She also expressed displeasure at the footage of her that was used in the documentary, which she felt was unflattering.

Controlling Britney Spears came out on Hulu this weekend, and serves as a sequel project to Framing Britney Spears. Today, Netflix released their Britney Spears documentary, titled Britney vs. Spears. These documentaries come days before Spears is set to appear in court for a hearing concerning the status of her conservatorship, which she has publicly stated she would like to be free of. 

This Britney Spears documentary features a few pretty concerning allegations. Perhaps the most notable is that Britney’s security team had her bedroom bugged at the request of the conservators, one of whom was famously Britney’s father, Jamie Spears. Britney Spears’s Instagram post originally included her claim that much of what was stated in the documentary wasn’t true, but she later removed that part. 

Controlling Britney Spears

One of the people interviewed for the documentary was Alex Vlasov, a former employee at Black Box Security. He worked as a personal assistant to Edan Yemini, who oversaw much of Spears’s security throughout most of her conservatorship. Vlasov claimed that it was part of security’s duties to give Spears her medications, some of which Spears has stated she was put on against her will. 

Britney Spears’s dating life was also a subject of scrutiny, and not just by the public. Vlasov claimed that the men who Britney dated had to sign NDA’s, and that this was a decision made by Jamie Spears, not Britney herself. It is also possible that this was Britney’s choice, as she wouldn’t be the only high-profile celebrity to do so. 

Vlasov also claimed that Britney Spears’s life was monitored to an obsessive point. He claimed that mirroring software was used to track Spears’s activity on her cell phone. He also claimed that her home was bugged, and that he was asked to delete hours of surveillance taken inside her home. 

Two women claiming to be close to Spears said that they were forced out of her life because they weren’t trusted not to speak out about the abuse that they might see. Trish Yates claims that Spears expressed fear on tour of not being able to see her children. 

Felicia Cullotta, Britney Spears’s former assistant, claimed she was told Spears didn’t want to see her anymore. She said she avoided Spears while still working for her, but when she saw Spears, the singer ran to her, hugged her, and asked where she’d been. These two women claim that they were pushed away from Spears in an attempt to weaken her circle of friends. 

What do you think Britney Spears was referring to as being untrue? Do you think these documentaries shouldn’t be coming out, or are they raising awareness to how conservatorships can be abusive? Let us hear your thoughts on all this in the comments!

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