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From allegations to a lawsuit and a criminal investigation, Marilyn Manson is in deeper. See what actions his former girlfriend is taking now.

Marilyn Manson: What horrifying abuse did he commit against his ex-girlfriend?

Last weekend, Game of Thrones actress Esmé Biano filed a lawsuit against now disgraced shock rocker Marilyn Manson for some serious allegations. Bianco, an ex-girlfriend of Manson, came forward last February with these allegations, shortly after Thirteen & Westworld star Evan Rachel Wood came forward and named her abuser as Brian Warner, aka Manson. 

The same day Wood named Manson as her abuser, four other women came out and reported Manson had abused them as well. After these numerous reports emerged, Manson’s record label dropped him. Now, after more women came forward, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office has opened a special investigation into reported criminal behavior from 2011. 

What exactly does the lawsuit detail? Let’s dive into Esme Bianco’s account of what went down when she was Marilyn Manson’s girlfriend. 

“I Want to Kill You Like They Do in the Movies” 

In February 2009, before she was in Game of Thrones, Esmé Bianco was featured in one of Marilyn Manson’s videos. The lawsuit Bianco filed detailed that while she was in his music video, Marilyn Manson “tied her to a prayer kneeler, beat her with a whip, and electrocuted her”, all while giving her alcohol & drugs, but no food. 

However, in May of that year, Bianco became Marilyn Manson’s girlfriend, as they began a consensual relationship. In said relationship, the lawsuit reported “Mr. Warner bruised and bit Ms. Bianco and publicly groped her against her consent”. 

The lawsuit further detailed: “Mr. Warner used drugs, force, and threats of force to coerce sexual acts from Ms. Bianco on multiple occasions. Mr. Warner raped Ms. Bianco in or around May 2011.” 

Sounds familiar

Evan Rachel Wood, the first ex-girlfriend of Marilyn Manson to speak out against him, had a similar experience. While Esmé Bianco detailed being chased around with an ax, Evan Rachel Wood said Marilyn Manson treated her similarly when they were together. 

Shortly after Evan Rachel Wood came forward, fans pointed at statements made by Marilyn Manson in interviews, including divulging he wanted to beat Wood with a hammer when she was his girlfriend. 

Wood & Bianco both described Marilyn Manson’s drug use and stated they were sexually abused & assaulted by the star violently when they were his girlfriends. Further, while Bianco & Manson were together in 2011, the lawsuit revealed Bianco wasn’t allowed to leave Manson’s home without permission, echoing Wood’s earlier claims. 

Criminal investigation

Meanwhile, LA County is opening an investigation against Manson regarding incidents that reportedly “occurred between 2009 and 2011 when Mr. Warner lived in the city of West Hollywood.” 

These years overlap with Esmé Bianco’s time as Marilyn Manson’s girlfriend. However, it’s unclear whether the incidents reported in Bianco’s lawsuit and the incidents LA County is investigating are the same. 

“[My] abuser has been left unchecked, enabled by money, fame, and an industry that turned a blind eye. Despite the numerous brave women who have spoken out against Marilyn Manson, countless survivors remain silenced”, Bianco said to CNN. 

Long-term effects

In case you were wondering why abuse on the job led to Esmé Bianco becoming Marilyn Manson’s girlfriend later, the lawsuit detailed Manson promised to help Bianco with her career and her U.S. Visa if she moved to Los Angeles to be with him. CNN reported that Manson denied these claims. 

Marilyn Manson hasn’t commented on the recent lawsuit yet. However, shortly after Evan Rachel Wood spoke out, Manson denied the allegations on Instagram, saying: “These recent claims about me are horrible distortions of reality. My intimate relationships have always been entirely consensual with like-minded partners.” 

However, Bianco’s lawsuit stated this is far from the case: “Her career suffered due to the deterioration of her mental health. She deals with complex post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, and panic attacks to this day as a result.” 

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