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'Bad Guy' pop star is back, and Billie Eilish is better and stronger than ever. Peek inside her 'Vogue' shoot here, and read all about her new look.

Billie Eilish: Read the highlights from the “Bad Guy” singer’s ‘Vogue’ interview

The nineteen-year-old sensation shocked fans with her new look on the cover of Vogue UK. Billie Eilish has swapped her iconic black & green streaked hair for a classic Marilyn Monroe look. Her hair isn’t the only thing Eilish has decided to switch up. She’s almost unrecognizable in her pin-up style photo shoot! Eilish went from baggy jeans and oversized tees to curve-hugging lingerie.

Billie Eilish became an international superstar after the release of her sinister hit “Bad Guy”. While the singer’s unique and gender neutral style has defined her “Bad Guy” persona, Eilish has decided to try something entirely foreign to herself. She described that she’s “literally never done anything in this realm at all”. However, Eilish’s new found sensuality comes with a message.

Eilish stands up against sexual harassment 

In Vogue’s interview with the singer, she discussed her latest song “Your Power” which points out the ongoing issue of sexual abuse. Eilish called the newest single “an open letter to people who take advantage – mostly men.”

Billie Eilish revealed she herself has been a victim of sexual assault. However, she’s keeping the details private. She urged listeners to focus on the issue of sexual abuse rather than her past. “I would like people to listen to me. And not just try to figure out who I’m talking about, because it’s not about that. It’s really not at all about one person. You might think, ‘It’s because she’s in the music industry’ – no, dude. It’s everywhere.” 

Eilish also explained how these experiences are widespread & universal for not only women but young men as well. She stated: “I don’t know one girl or woman who hasn’t had a weird experience, or a really bad experience. And men, too – young boys are taken advantage of constantly.”

The issue of sexualizing underage girls

In her song “Your Power”, Eilish is speaking directly to abusers. She talks about the incredulous excuses used to redirect blame to the victims. For example, lousy statements as old as time such as “she looked older” or “she’s mature for her age”. 

However, Eilish argued that men have forced women to behave more maturely. She stated: “It’s an insane thing. Young women, we’re expected to know and do everything, and be everyone’s mom when we’re like, 15.”

Eilish also discussed how abusers will take advantage of an adolescent’s desire to be mature and the aftermath which ensues. The singer said that when you’re young “you feel like you’re so mature and you know everything.” This allows young people to be lured into harmful situations. She continued, “People forget that you can grow up and realise shit was f**ked up when you were younger.”

Eilish also referred to her 2019 song “When I Was Older” and the meaning behind her somber lyrics. She said, “I wanted to say that it doesn’t matter who you are, what your life is, your situation, who you surround yourself with, how strong you are, how smart you are. You can always be taken advantage of.”

Taking power back

The “Bad Guy” singer further explained: “That’s a big problem in the world of domestic abuse or statutory rape – girls that were very confident and strong-willed finding themselves in situations where they’re like, ‘Oh my god, I’m the victim here?’ And it’s so embarrassing and humiliating and demoralising to be in that position of thinking you know so much and then you realise, I’m being abused right now.”

Billie Eilish is prepared for the misogynistic comments on her new appearance. Many people will argue that she can’t reveal her body while also fighting against sexual harassment. However, Eilish firmly stated that her body is her own and she has every right to express herself without fear. 

Billie Eilish argued: “It’s about taking that power back, showing it off and not taking advantage of it. I’m not letting myself be owned anymore.”

The singer is defining a new generation of young men & women who will no longer stand for injustice. Her latest single “Your Power” only further details her strength and powerful honesty within not only her music but her identity. We look forward to the revolutionary musician’s upcoming album “Happier Than Ever” which will be released July 30th.

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