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Could your favorite K-pop star be secretly married? Find out why fans are speculating RM from BTS has already tied the knot with a secret gal.

Why do people think BTS’s RM is married? See the theory for yourself

From giving UN speeches to topping the Billboard charts, BTS has been thriving across the globe. The seven members of BTS have been trending on social media constantly for everything they do, wear, and talk about. Member RM found himself in a bizarre rumor from a series of events woven together as a theory by BTS ARMY. 

Whether they’re K-pop singers or western artists, celebrities around the world have their romantic lives speculated about. BTS is no different. In fact, given the band is at the peak of their stardom, it’s safe to say that the rumors might’ve gone a little out of hand. 

So, what’s the latest in the BTS rumor mill? It goes something like this: leader RM of the massively popular K-pop group BTS, is not only married but has multiple children.


Married to who?

Even if you believe the wild marriage claims, the information on who the BTS member is “secretly wedded” to, is evidently unknown. If the claims were really true, the media wouldn’t be not digging around RM & his crew. 

BTS’s RM has been linked to Mamamoo’s Hwasa after allegedly being seen together – hence, a couple of fans pointed their fingers at the girl group’s singer and shipped the K-pop couple together in hopes for more than mere speculation.

Alternatively, most fans are sticking to a vague claim of a certain somebody who just so happens to be married to one of the rappers of the world’s biggest boy band.

Baby talk

On a 2019 VLive stream hosted by RM, he planned to show around his newly decorated music studio– that he named “Rkive” – to anticipating fans. What RM didn’t plan was the far-fetched rumor that would result post-livestream.

Known as the gentle & loving leader of BTS, RM proceeded to share random details of his workspace which included a matching pair of baby shoes that he had bought along with his regular ones. As RM nonchalantly cooed about the tiny-looking shoes in the video, BTS ARMY broke the internet over the idea of RM being a father.

The innocently bought baby shoes sparked the wild “father of (not one or two but) three children” hypothesis. When the poor boy is revealing his custom-made wooden table to the world – we think it’s fair to say it’d be hard for him to hide such a big part of his life.

“I want to be a dad”

Aiding the alleged baby rumors, when RM shared his childhood dream of being a father in a Radio Disney interview, fellow bandmate Suga responded with “you can!” while other BTS members giggled along. The members’ little fiasco egged BTS ARMY on to theorize while finding the boys absolutely adorable in their musings.  

On the band’s seventh anniversary, V touchingly stated he would like to see the BTS members’ kids (in the future). The bandmates suddenly looked very confused at V’s out-of-the-blue statement since of course, they didn’t have any children of their own yet. But eagle-eyed ARMY tied the timid revelation to the RM’s talk about baby shoes and being a father, resulting in a web of rumors.

K-pop industry

It’s a well-known fact that K-pop idols are forbidden from pursuing romantic relationships as per their management contracts. So, hypothetically, it would be a bold move to “come out” to the public with not only a relationship but a family. 

However, a similar situation took place recently that urged the K-pop industry and fans to view idols in a human light. Last year, Chen of EXO announced his marriage out of nowhere and later, he & his wife gave birth to a beautiful daughter. 

Unlike the typical fan response one would expect, EXO fans congratulated their cherished EXO member and spread support & love all over social media for Chen & his new family. 

The new change in acceptance of K-pop idols’ personal lives within fan communities and the entertainment industry seems to encourage idols in reconnecting with their “normal” lives outside their profession. We hope the same applies to BTS and other groups as well.

What do you think about K-pop idols getting married? Would RM of BTS make a good family man? Let us know below! 

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