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Is BTS releasing another new album? Learn what BTS has been up to during quarantine and how the plan to surprise the BTS ARMY.

What can we expect from BTS’s upcoming album ‘BE’?

BTS isn’t slowing down on providing great content for their ARMY any time soon. Earlier this year, in February, the band released a full album called Map of the Soul: 7. Not long after that, the worldwide pandemic halted their follow-up tour plans.

However, BTS continued to entertain their fans with a slew of digitally available content, and everyone has been delighted by this. Now, they’ve announced they’re already working on another new album. This one is being called BE (Deluxe Edition).

If you’re wondering what’s in store with this new album, let us tell you what we know so far.


BTS has always been hands on in the creative process when it comes to their work, but now they’ve kicked up a few gears. This time around they’re all acting as producers for the album. This means each of the seven members took on roles such as project management or overseeing visual design, and other more nitty gritty parts of the album-making process.

This adds a lot of extra work for the band members, but also gives them a lot more control over what they make, how they make it, and more. One could guess this creative freedom will allow the new album to be the most true to them & their vision so far.

Sneak peeks

Back in April RM held a live stream on the BANGTANTV YouTube channel, and announced the band was already working on another new album – despite having released one only a few months prior.

In that live stream he also told the ARMY that over the course of making the album the band would occasionally check-in and tell fans about the inner workings of  creating what we now know is called BE.

The band has followed through on this promise and for the fans who haven’t ventured over to the channel in a while it’s definitely worth your time to pick up bits & pieces of information about the upcoming music collection.

Upcoming single

The name of BTS’s first single for the new album hasn’t been announced yet, but the band has discussed some details about it.

For starters, the theme of the song and its music video is “life goes on” – we do wonder if that will ultimately end up being the single’s name. From what the band has discussed it sounds like the song is meant to be a hopeful anthem regarding the pandemic and how life will continue & is still happening right now, even if it doesn’t feel like it.

They also discussed the music video & what it will look like. They decided outdoor filming would be preferable to indoors. They also wanted to include footage of both idealistic circumstances, but also everyday footage of their lives – such as getting in & out of cars and working.

They want to showcase the idea life hasn’t come to a halt. They’ve decided they’ll also use some footage from their upcoming digital concert to acknowledge that life is different, but still happening. RM also said “The theme can be about missing the past. Combining the ideal and reality would be great.”

The rest of the album

Not much else has been discussed as far as the rest of the album, unless you want to go searching for hints on their YouTube channel – which for some could be endless fun. Though, considering BTS’s devotion to being uplifting & hopeful, while also talking about things like mental health we’re thinking it’s possible the first single won’t be the only one addressing pandemic blues in some way.

BTS is probably also aware that they’re an escape for a lot of people and will likely avoid dedicating the whole album to the subject – so that fans who are trying to take current events off their mind can be just as excited about getting new music.

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  • This is the only group who wins no matter how corny their songs are.. Today’s music, you can only win if you have a big fandom. And not because of your songs..

    October 4, 2020
    • wowww, but their songs are actually really great tho :)

      October 5, 2020
    • Great way to be humble Alec, good job.

      October 7, 2020

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