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The ARMY has been missing BTS thanks to the pandemic canceling their tour for this year. However, just know, that the band misses us too.

Don’t worry ARMY: BTS misses you as much as you miss them

Do you miss BTS, ARMY members? Despite every industry, it seems, taking a hit due to COVID-19, the K-pop scene is still on the rise with BTS as the undisputed kings of the genre. They’ve released music videos and more during the time while the rest of the world deals with the pandemic. Honestly? Nothing seems to be able to touch them as the global superstars that they are.

Despite this, however, BTS cannot tour due to obvious restrictions. So do they miss their fans? Just what are the BTS members doing in quarantine? Do they miss seeing their ARMY as much as their ARMY misses seeing them? Well, the members of BTS are talking about missing their fans and how they’re handling this quarantine life in a couple of recent interviews.

Here’s what you need to know.

They miss you, too!

Don’t worry, BTS ARMY! Your leaders have missed you just as much as you’ve missed them. In an interview with CNN, V said that their quarantine success is due to the dedication of their fanbase, “This is truly amazing. We are sincerely so grateful. You made our dream come true. Thanks to ARMY.” Due to the fact that no one can have concerts thanks to the pandemic, they’re trying to keep fans entertained.

Suga said that they want to do their best to help others remain positive in such a dark time. “If everything went according to plan, we’d be on tour right now, but the pandemic has changed everything. So we thought about what we can do, and what we can do best at this point, in this situation. Everyone is going through such a difficult time, so we wanted to cheer them up.”

Meanwhile, Jungkook admits that it feels surreal to have success in 2020 since they can’t perform and see it for themselves so-to-speak. He said, “It still doesn’t feel 100% real because we can’t perform in front of ARMY. We do and see all these things, but we don’t have the opportunity to perform.”

What are they doing to handle quarantine?

South Korea has a better handle on the pandemic, then people in the U.S. do. Even so, everyone is still under quarantine and trying their best to keep COVID’s impact relatively minimal in the country. That includes the members of BTS as well, who are doing their best to keep healthy and sane during this time.

J-Hope, on what the group does to battle quarantine boredom, said, “We’re working out, watching Netflix and learning to play instruments. I think we’re doing a lot of self-development, and also just trying to stay active.” 

They’re also, apparently, working, according to Jimin. That’s right, BTS ARMY! A brand new album from the supergroup is currently in the works. The lead vocalist said, “We’re working on a new album. Although we cannot say for sure how concerts are going to go, we’re still working very hard. Personally, I don’t think I’m doing a lot of things myself.”

Do they think a Grammy nod is in their future?

The BTS ARMY got really mad when the Grammys snubbed the group during awards season. With the release of their first full English single “Dynamite” along with the support of their fans, BTS thinks their luck will be different this go-around for the awards.

Suga said, “We never had a Grammy in mind when we first began, but it’s now become a more tangible dream. It’s something we do want to accomplish, of course, but it’s also not something we can make happen just because we want it. What we can do is to keep doing the best we can at what we’re doing.”

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