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Happy tenth birthday to Adele's '21'! Adele and her hit album are trending all over Twitter. Check out how fans are celebrating the singer's iconic music.

’21’ turns 10: See how Adele fans are celebrating the iconic album

“Rumour Has It” that Adele’s album, 21, has just turned ten years old! Twitter and the rest of social media are bringing back Adele’s greatest hits. 

Grammy award winner Adele released her legendary album, 21, back in 2011. According to Grammy, the English singer released hit songs like “Rumour Has It” & “Rolling In The Deep” brought at least 5.82 million copies sold in 2011 and 4.41 million in 2012 which topped the U.S. sales charts both years running. 

Billboard confirmed that Adele’s 21 was the twenty-first album in the “SoundScan era” to actually sell over 10 million copies. In fact, the album became so huge, it also debuted as No.1 on Billboard’s 200 chart in March 2011, and it hasn’t left their weekly charts since.

Adele’s 21 was also an iconic moment for all artists in the music industry. The year after Adele’s album was released was also the year music was highly downloadable. Billboard reported 21’s “Rolling in the Deep” also broke the record for biggest song of 2012, with over 5.8 million downloads. It was the biggest selling song of the year. Even LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem” couldn’t come close to Adele, with only 5.4 million downloads. 

With Adele’s last album released such a long time ago, Twitter has gone wild with their celebratory questions & dance moves.

Hello, Adele?

We may have so many questions, but the most important one is: “when you gonna drop the album, Adele”? 

Salty much?

Wendy Williams with shades on is a total mood. 

Living in the Adele era

We’re taking a moment to appreciate the Adele era. Amen!

Adele is trending

Some Adele fans didn’t get the memo. They are furious that Adele is trending on Twitter, but not for the reason they’d expect. Yes, this is for the memory of Adele’s 21. Whoops!

New album? 

Searching for clues on twitter just like Ru Paul checking out another show set. 

We’re breaking free!

Adele fans can’t be judged today, because they’re channeling their inner Nicole Kidman with no care in the world. 

Rolling in your deepest emotions

Remember how you thought you were okay, and then an Adele song came on the radio? Thanks 21!

Someone like Adele

It’s not a 21 celebration without Adele’s hit, “Someone Like You”. Here come the tears 😭


Tired of listening to Adele’s 21? Maybe this ceiling fan idea will get you a private show of Adele’s new work. 


Remember this moment Adele was on a press tour for 21? Well Adele it’s true we have grown up with you. 

Could a new Adele album drop anytime soon? Let us know what you think in the comments below. 

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