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Dan and Phil are back! Check out Twitter's reaction to the reunion everyone's been waiting for.

Dan and Phil reunion: Twitter’s reaction to the pair’s new video

After whatever the hell last year was, it’s no wonder lots of people have their doubts about 2021. We might not know what this year will bring for us but we have exciting news to share today because Dan and Phil are back! That’s right, you heard us, the duo uploaded another video on Phil’s channel and, as expected, the internet exploded.

In their new video, we see Dan and Phil in cute sweaters giving us the best announcement ever: they bought a house! In only a few hours, the best internet duo amassed over 40,000 views and counting. As if that wasn’t enough to show them how much the internet missed both of them, they’re also a trending topic on Twitter.

We cannot possibly describe how excited we are to see Dan and Phil again, so we got a compilation of tweets to express our excitement. Here’s the internet’s reaction to Dan and Phil’s reunion.

Hold on

Everyone’s first reaction to Dan and Phil’s video was probably something like this.


Obviously, after realizing this wasn’t a drill, everyone went bat sh*t crazy.

We still stan

It shouldn’t come as a surprise but how much we still love Dan and Phil is formidable.

Same ol’ duo

Obviously, this reunion has everyone feeling nostalgic. Can you believe how long it’s been?

Serotonin 👆

For many of us, thirty minutes is all it took for our depression to be gone for the day.

Can you believe?

Honestly, it’s so weird yet so good. Wouldn’t it be awful if there were other men besides Dan and Phil?

Content we came for

This is the best representation of how we all felt when we heard about Dan and Phil’s new house.

Pfft so over them

Even the people who thought they were over Dan and Phil got super excited about the news. How could they not, right?

Years of training

Come to think about it, we shouldn’t be so shocked Dan and Phil designed their own house.

Nice guys

This content is so wholesome, even Santa had to say something about it. Dan and Phil should forever be on the nice list.

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