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Students of Zoom University, gather around for some of the funniest college memes about being an online student. Welcome to Zoomiversity!

Back to school: Laugh at these college memes from Zoom University

Colleges across the country (and the world) are still rocking that lockdown lifestyle of Zoom University in order to make sure that COVID doesn’t spread anymore than it has. While Zoom University is every university, it doesn’t mean that college students have stopped making memes about it. After all, what else is there to do? Pay attention in your Zoom classes? Please.

It’s time to dive into the wild world of college memes from Zoom University. From laughing over the silliness of the backgrounds to dealing with the other fun instances of college from home, here are the greatest memes out there. Because what else is college but perfecting your meme game? 

Maybe just dial back that tuition price a little bit? 

Zoom University! You still have to pay too much tuition to sit in your home and go to your lectures. But, hey, at least you’re not paying for housing & food? There’s always that at least. Unless, you know, you don’t live with your family. Tough luck either way. 

The Professor wins

You think you can trick your professor. You think that Reddit can win against them. But it cannot. It can never win against someone who wants to try and show knowledge into your brainhole. The professor always wins in this situation.

TA crush

Listen, your TA may be hella fine. But, for real, do you really want to try and win over your COVID crush? Just get a bit flirty, but not too much. It always will break your heart when you see your TA’s SO in the background.


You never know what’s going on with your Zoom classes. Your brain is leaking out of your ears. The world no longer makes sense. It’s just something that you have to do your best to deal with

How skipping class has changed

All you have to do is say you have issues with your camera, then mute your microphone, then you play video games all day long while getting that sweet sweet class credit. Just keep an ear out for your name and you’re golden!

This is weird, not gonna lie

Feels kind of weird to be sitting through your lectures while there’s an Apocalypse going on outside, huh? Welcome to that COVID life from 2020 into 2021. Just hang in there and do your very best not to have a breakdown on Zoom. Everyone else is holding it together. 

Everyone reverts to their troll behavior

Can no one take a joke anymore? Everyone has been making that joke about leaving class after 15 minutes for actual decades. You all just need to chill. Deep breaths okay? Listen to some ASMR? Don’t jump down on someone’s joke for that.

Whatever happened to George Lopez? 

Okay, you have to admit this is a funny prank. We honestly forgot that there was a George Lopez Show. It’s been a minute. Wow. Remember when George Lopez had a talk show? Whatever happened to him? We haven’t heard about him in awhile? Did he get canceled? He was everywhere for a couple of years.

Classes on Zoom be wild

Anatomy classes on Zoom are certainly something. Definitely makes us wonder about the classes where you have to work on dead bodies. How did they handle that? What a wild time that we live in that it’s something we have to think about let alone meme about? Either way, we’re feeling seriously for those poor students trying to get their medical degrees. 

Nothing is understood

No. No one on Zoom understands. They don’t even know what day it is. When was the last time they wore pants? They don’t know. Neither do we. Assume no one understands anything

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