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If you are one of the millions of people who drink coffee first thing in the morning then these memes are for you.

Addicted to caffeine? These coffee memes are hella relatable

Ah coffee. It’s a magical bean that has enough caffeine to power even the most sleep-deprived college student through the hellscape of final exams. With so many coffee addicts across the world, it’s unsurprising that coffee memes are a thing. So, if you’re someone that needs three cups of coffee in order to talk to people like a normal person, then these memes are for you. For more information on anything coffee-related, visit Cuppabean.

From the magic of caffeine making you a normal functioning person to how it can make you poop like a champ, these memes will make every coffee addict laugh. If you’re someone that loves to grind your beans, know how to work a French press, and have some serious opinions about iced coffee, then these memes will probably speak to you on a spiritual level.

Why don’t you go make a cup of coffee while looking these twelve coffee memes over? We know you want to.

1. Coffee summoning

Sometimes, people just need to call you to get you to answer. Other times, they need to make a pentagram out of coffee beans and put a sacrifice of brewed coffee in the center to get you to come. It’s not weird. People are like that.

2. Your blood is coffee

There are actually five blood types, folks: A, B, AB, O, and C for coffee. And those with the C type need it to live. 

3. Did I have too much coffee or do I need more?

Keeping yourself caffeinated and headache free is a difficult balancing act. Usually, you’ll end up with a headache if you cross that razor thin line. But, hey, sometimes the only thing you can do is your best. And, like, make sure to keep the Tylenol stocked up just in case.

4. The real reason to drink coffee in the morning

For some reason that science probably knows, but you can’t be bothered to look up, coffee makes you want to poop. Sometimes, that’s why you need that first cup of coffee in the morning.

5. Decisions, decisions

The truly, truly terrifying choice that all iced coffee addicts have to face at some point in their life.

6. Don’t do this IRL

You probably want to go Hulk over the place for daring to be out of coffee, but that’ll also make you the Ultimate Karen. No one wants to be the Ultimate Karen, okay? So don’t get mad at a place for running out of coffee, the rest of the world needs it to.

7. Need the coffee before all activities, especially work

You find that coffee before you have to get to the daily grind. Get it? Because you grind coffee beans? And it’s Sean Bean in the meme! 

8. Coffee addicts find other coffee addicts

So many people need coffee to live, they’re also friends with other people who also need coffee to live. And they just get pretty derpy without their coffee. Behold, the true way of the world! 

9. A cure for what ails you

Just chug one cup of coffee and suddenly that constipation is gone like that. It’s truly a miracle bean. 

10. How many leaps of logic can you make here? 

Technically coffee has water in it, right? But something about caffeine makes you dehydrated? Maybe. Science is hard. But still, technically, coffee is water with just a hint of bean. So it should count toward that water the doctors say we should all be drinking!

11. Ah the Starbucks experience

The hardcore coffee drinkers will always make fun of Starbucks, which is fair. But, hey, they’re everywhere and sometimes you just want a frappucino. Ain’t nothing wrong with that.

12. Not with that attitude it doesn’t

Don’t let people tell you how to live your life.

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