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Sometimes men don't have the best judgement and that can translate to their bookshelves. It's time to laugh at these relatable book memes.

Book memes: The most hilarious jokes about men’s bookshelves

Twitter loves hot takes. A quick, usually thoughtless, opinion that is considered to be unusual and is, therefore “groundbreaking”. (Please note our ardent use of air quotes.) Usually, they’re just crappy opinions disguised as some kind of break from herd mentality & therefore “deserving” of praise. Generally, they’re posted just to get social media interaction – whether positive or negative is irrelevant to the poster.

Sometimes hot takes can be silly or inconsequential, like saying a movie most people hate is good. Other times they can be more problematic – throwing around thoughtless political ideologies isn’t great. And then there’s the sweet spot right in the middle – a hot take that isn’t really important in the long run, but gets people fired up anyway.

A few days ago one Twitter user decided to post a tweet informing people of the “top seven warning signs on a man’s bookshelf”, because, apparently, we aren’t allowed to judge books by their covers, but we sure can judge a man by his books. The memes became priceless.

Original tweet

While for the most part, we can see the kind of assumptions this person is making about the theoretical people owning these books, this person could also just be an English major who was asked to read these books for classes.

Some people got defensive in the replies and explained why the books were on their shelves. Others lamented they wished they had known the warning signs in college, and then everyone else turned it into a meme with parody tweets to make fun of it.

The warning signs on your own shelf

Poor @0dd_winters decided to just go ahead and take on the self burn in order to elicit some laughter on the internet he’d never actually hear.

No bookshelves

We cannot stop staring at this seemingly gravity-defying image. Why does it look like the books are just floating there? What kind of wizardry is this?!

Making fun

This tweet delightfully pokes fun at the presumptive nature of the original tweet, but also then does the thing where you imply men who are bachelors are disaster people who live in messy homes. The irony is perfect, and we’ll assume it’s intentional to drive their point home.

Don’t judge

Okay, you know what? If someone has a magical book of the dead, then we’ll allow you to judge a man based on his bookshelf.

Serial killer in the making

Ah, much like the meme where you buy a shovel, garbage bags, and rope at Walmart for a reaction – what books could you put together to actually freak someone out? This one takes the gold medal.

Spark Notes coming in hot

Spark Notes saved you in high school and now they’re here again to save the day on social media – this time with sarcasm and wit.

Self burns becoming less rare these days

Hey Austin, we have questions. Please, we’re so curious.

Man-eating books

That would be a pretty terrible way for a date to end.


Popular dating site OkCupid says don’t date men who don’t read. OkCupid took the meme and gave some pretty sound advice.

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