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College football news has been totally wack lately due to COVID-19. Amid all the chaos we hope you can appreciate these hilarious college football memes.

These memes perfectly describe college football news right now

Sports are really taking a hit ever since COVID-19. There have been widespread cancellations – making scheduling games & practices a total nightmare. All we can do is pray that everything will be back up and running again soon. 

Perhaps the most impacted by COVID-19 regulations are college football teams. College football news has been totally wack and it’s hard to keep up at this point. Amid all the sports chaos we hope you can appreciate these hilarious college football memes. 

Tensions are high

It’s just a matter of time before everyone is going to be pushed over the edge. And it’s also just a matter of time before one of the players is going to test positive for COVID-19. We can only hope for the best.

RIP Arkansas

Arkansas, we’re so sorry. Your schedule is absolutely terrible. 

RIP Missouri

Mizzou – we’re deeply sorry. The SEC schedule royally sucks for you too.

Social distance chaos

So, it’s pretty much impossible to demonstrate social distancing in football. We just have to accept that in sports you move. Thus, the whole distancing can only work when you’re doing really really well. Which is not all the time. 

Solution: get drunk

We’re all feeling it – college football 2020 is going to suck so much we’re just going to have to drink our feelings. 

Really, Alabama?

Enough already Alabama! 

Massmail massacre 

Has there been any good news lately? 

Wolfpack addition

Look at that! SEC, ACC, & Big 12 all being buddies. They may not be able to play an entire 2020 season, but at least the union is cute right now. 

Feelings are flying

Can’t we all just take a second to chill out? There’s more to life than sports, guys. 

Big 10 chaos

Yep, this The Office scene pretty much sums it all up. 

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