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Someone needs to check on the U.S., because it’s a bit of a mess right now. Here are some memes about school reopening.

Schools planning to re-open: Here are the best memes about it

Someone needs to check on the U.S., because it’s a bit of a mess right now. The cases are not decreasing in the States, and yet the government wants schools to reopen in the fall for the 2020-2021 school year. You want to try that again?

Alas, some states are unfortunately agreeing with this plan, so all we can do is cry it out. And what better way to show our distress than through snarky, sarcastic memes about school to veil our pain and fear as humor? 

Teachers aren’t paid enough

Seriously, teachers come home sick with the flu, sinus infections, and all this other crap kids bring in. You think COVID-19 is going to be any different? 

Who knows if this is the plan

Honestly, this could all be a fever dream and as kids are waiting outside for the bus after Labor Day, they cancel school again. 

The plan does not exist

If you thought reading a 6 year old’s homework was bad, wait until you read the 60 page reopening plan your school has!

Always with the personal essays

Seriously, there could be a death at the school and some English teacher would have kids writing an essay about it for homework. 

Homework is the cure

Who needs emotional support, a cure for coronavirus, or literally anything else when you can just get a whole chapter of math to do?

*nervous laughter*

Again, the real people we should be concerned with are the teachers. A room full of 30+ kids who definitely won’t social distance or keep their masks on? Pray for your teachers.

Pour one out for the class of 2020

Whether high school or college, these poor kids were robbed of so many experiences thanks to COVID-19.

No money, more problems

Suddenly, the schools that made teachers literally buy pencils are going to have money to keep the schools clean with masks and hand sanitizer? Yeah right.

The real problems

Don’t blame the school districts. Don’t blame the teachers. Blame the people who actually have the power to stop this and not punish schools for not opening. 

In person meeting causes coronavirus spread? What a shocker!

If your school district won’t even host their board meeting in person, that’s enough proof that there’s a problem with reopening schools. Again though, don’t blame them, as they’re just trying to keep the schools funded.

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