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"Ain't no laws when you're drinking Claws!" If you're a fan of this hard seltzer, laugh along at all the best White Claw memes here.

No laws when drinking claws: The best memes about White Claws

Alcoholic beverages have a history of taking the internet by storm. Whether it’s Corona beer memes – we’ve seen an uptick in these thanks to unforeseen pandemics – or White Claw memes, netizens always find a way to make alcohol relevant. 

Although the hard seltzer’s been considered a “girly drink” in the past, White Claws have become synonymous with “bro” culture over the last few years. Most men began to pride themselves on drinking the popular hard seltzer or so it seems. According to Business Insider, one particular fan said the following: “I’m a bro, I do dude things and get stoked and all that. But I also just feel comfortable saying I like White Claw and that it’s good.”

Further adding evidence to the “I do dude things” statement, a popular YouTube video by Trevor Wallace from which the iconic quote “ain’t no laws when you’re drinking Claws” surfaced made White Claws even more meme-able. 

While the dudes & chicks debate about who gets the credit for this cultural moment, here are some White Claw memes for everyone:

Holy White Claw

Aiding the douchebag culture, we present you with the holy White Claw!

Life of a millennial

Going to tattoo this on my forehead.


Too late, White Claw has a special spot on the ‘gram.

Wrong house

Potterheads are appalled – we’re sure they never thought there’d come a day when White Claw would be mistaken for Ravenclaw.

Ardent fan culture

Sadly, this is how a lot of us spent our days in 2020. Productive much?

Ain’t no laws

Someone took the White Claw memes a little too seriously. While we agree with the first sentence, the next sounds a little extreme. 

Strong feels

When you’re double-passionate about booze. . . all those overflowing feels!

Feat. rapper White Claw

Another mistaken identity –  with a dynamic name like “White Claws”, the confusion is understandable.

Dedication like no other

We were joking about the tattoo (see above) but guess this person wasn’t 😯!


Real talk though – aren’t fruity cocktails better in terms of both taste and looks? 👀


Are you a fan of hard seltzers? Or perhaps, you’re only here for the White Claw memes? Let us know in the comments!

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