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Wendy’s makes headlines with their Twitter page on a regular basis. These are some of the best tweets, new & old, that Wendy’s has to offer.

Wendy’s Twitter account is straight fire: Peek at some of their best tweets

Wendy’s makes headlines with their Twitter page on a regular basis – unlike other corporate social media accounts that tend to be glorified advertisement spam bots. From time to time, these blando company accounts deliver a good meme or a post so cringeworthy you show it to your friends. Wendy’s is different.

Wendy’s says it best in their Twitter bio: “We like our tweets the same way we like to make our hamburgers: better than anyone expects from a fast food joint.” Whoever manages the page consistently puts out hilarious Tweets. They aren’t afraid to poke fun at other brands and even their own fans.

Wendy’s always manages to find the perfect amount of humor. Their style might be aggressive, but it’s been working for them as a social media advertising strategy for years. These are some of the best tweets, new & old, that Wendy’s has to offer. 

Relationship advice

To be fair, Wendy’s probably isn’t the best place for relationship advice (and neither is Twitter). 

Roasting Burger King 

They got two birds with one roast. Wendy’s never misses an opportunity to throw a jab at another fast-food restaurant

Just telling it like it is 

It’s not insulting if it’s the truth, right? Seriously, don’t get a Wendy’s tattoo.

Meme-ing like they invented it 

On this year’s Roast Day, Wendy’s pulled out a classic meme to take a shot at Gordon Ramsay (and themselves).

Wendy’s costume contest?

Fans are just begging to be made fun of at this point. Wendy’s didn’t hold back with their responses.

When it’s not even 4/20 . . . 

It’s hard to tell if Wendy’s meant this to be a suggestion or some kind of freeform Twitter poem. Either way, we can’t recommend the practice. 

McDonald’s isn’t avoiding any potshots . . . 

Wendy’s is an equal opportunity roaster. Don’t bring up McDonald’s in their vicinity. 

. . . but Wendy’s can take what it serves 

This could have been the fight of the century. Honestly, it’s probably a good thing other brands just aren’t as fiery on Twitter as Wendy’s is.

You might have missed this 

Wendy’s doesn’t just bring their A-game to Twitter. They went to great lengths to bring this, well, whatever it is, to life. 

Corporate Twitter is generally best avoided, but Wendy’s puts out great content from time to time. Start digging through their page, and you’ll find there’s lots more where these came from. 

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