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Is life getting you down? Whether it's Sunday scaries or Monday blues, experience cuteness overload by watching these adorable animal videos now!

Cuteness overload: Watch these adorable animal videos now

Cute animal videos are the backbone of the internet. From YouTube to Twitter, these adorable animal videos are there, ready to give you a pick-me-up after a hard day or add something to your favorite group chats. 

Cats, dogs, lizards, and frogs all have their moments of cuteness. Naturally, Twitter has a collection of these amazing animal videos for the days things get a bit . . . heated (aka every day on Twitter). 

We cooed our way through the threads and found the most adorable animal videos that’ll make you want to go “aww”. Grab your favorite furry friend and dive into these cute animal videos. 

Lazing about 

He’s us after a long day at work. You go buddy, you deserve a break. 

Nap time 

Shhhhhhhhhh. . . 


Yeah, you tell’em, buddy! 


Awww, what a gentlemen, waiting to be let in. . . 

Shelter babies 

We’d adopt them in a heartbeat! 

Snuggle time! 

We’d love to give him a squeeze, but we can’t ignore the teeth. . . 

Shake it off 

Stop. . . can’t take it. . . too cute. . . 

 Give me attention

We think she wants more pets, please. 

No thought, head empty 

Yeah, same here, dude. 

 War cry 

Oh no, we are so scared! 

Have any other adorable animal videos? Drop them below in the comments so we can keep cooing & awwing! 

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