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WandaVision, the first Disney Plus series to be produced by Marvel is sadly over. Need a pick me up? Vision has some ViShawn memes that might cheer you up.

Has Marvel’s Vision become ViShawn? All the best Twitter memes

While the next miniseries in the MCU, The Falcon & the Winter Soldier, is set to debut here in just a couple of weeks on the Disney Plus streaming service, many Marvel fans are still struggling with the idea that WandaVision is actually over.

WandaVision, albeit with a budget of a feature-length film, was able to change the way we see TV, all while honoring syndicated television and the pathway it created for some of today’s more groundbreaking shows. WandaVision, a series focused on the MCU’s Wanda & Vision, was simply revolutionary in both storytelling & execution, and we’re as devastated as you that it’s all over. 

However, why not honor both Marvel and their amazing Disney Plus series with a good laugh! Specifically? The popular ViShawn memes that poke fun at Vision and his black turtleneck complemented with a large golden chain. Not on board with us? You will be.      

Cue Charlie Puth

Vision is a flat-out playa. Can’t wait till Marvel dips their toe in the romantic comedy genre. 

None of it makes sense

Vision actor Paul Bettany seems too regal to get these memes, wouldn’t you agree?

We knew this was coming

Immediate comparisons were made to Dwayne Johnson’s famous turtleneck pose & Vision. Too bad Marvel didn’t fold this into their WandaVision script.  

Black Panther 2

Will Vision be taking the reins from T’Challa as the new Black Panther in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Doesn’t seem problematic at all . . . 

Black History Month

These Vision memes are about to get #cancelled so fast.

“Love preserving” 

Why does White Vision look like a less intimidating White Walker? 

Ultron returns

Charge us double, Marvel. We just want to see how actor James Spader tackles this version of Ultron. 

Baby ViShawn

“You ARE the father!” 

Marvel presents: Another Civil War

“I can do this all day, dawg.” 

Not offensive at all, right? 

Was 2008’s Tropic Thunder filmed in Wakanda?

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