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Donald Trump hasn't been president since January, but his memes are still being shared! Keep laughing with Twitter through the next election cycle.

Gone but not forgotten: Donald Trump memes still rule the internet

While we may not be hearing the name Donald Trump anymore, there was once a time not too long ago when his name was a trending topic. Before he left the White House earlier this year, almost on a daily basis, we heard about his very controversial actions & statements he made during his time as the president. 

Do you recall those memorable days? If you need a little refresher, let’s take a look at all the best memes of Donald Trump here. 

The day he left

Who could forget the memes made of Donald Trump on the day he officially left the White House? A moment embedded in history for sure. 

Donald Trump vs. the mean girl

“Have a good life” was certainly a phrase we didn’t expect would come out of his mouth. 

Joshua Trump

Of course, who could forget about this iconic photo? 


The memes were absolutely hilarious on this day when Donald Trump stared directly into the sun during an eclipse. 

Illiterate Trump? 

Who knows what was on the note that Trump had to leave for Biden? 

Hate notes

Of course, many memes of Donald Trump had to do with people wondering just what he wrote for Joe Biden. Do you think this one is pretty close to the real note? 

Sam & Ron

Only real fans of Jersey Shore would get this one


Many people were celebrating with happy memes when Donald Trump left the White House. 

Joe Biden & Kamala Harris

It really was a cause for celebration!

A mess

We do have to agree that four years of Donald Trump wasn’t exactly the smoothest presidency we’ve seen in the USA

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