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If you're a fan of 'Animal Crossing', then we're sure you're just as obsessed with the character Tom Nook as we are. Check out our fave Tom Nook memes here.

Tom Nook is the best and worst in ‘Animal Crossing’: These memes prove it

Despite quarantine slowly coming to a close, the hit game Animal Crossing: New Horizons still reigns supreme on the internet, with design ideas for clothes & furniture still popping up all over. But these adorable ideas aren’t the only thing keeping the game relevant. That honor must be shared with the internet’s favorite pastime: memes. 

Animal Crossing memes are still going strong, especially memes about our favorite furry landlord Tom Nook. Tom Nook memes have become a staple of online life, especially this past week as the amazing character’s birthday was May 30th. Naturally, Twitter took the opportunity to create even more memes to celebrate Tom Nook on his special day. 

We dug through the threads to find the best Tom Nook memes – all worth more Bells than even he could dream of. Grab your favorite islander and get ready to hit that retweet button!

Palm of your hand 

He knows what he’s doing, we gotta give him that. 

Ignore the haters 

How can you hate that face, or that cute little stretch?! 

Fact check 

Huh, the more you know! Who said Tom Nook memes couldn’t be educational?

Cooking time 

Quick, someone let the developers know! This would be an awesome update


Life imitates art, so Tom Nook is a work of art confirmed. 

Spirited defense 

We think Tom Nook would pick her after that argument. 

Do what you will 

. . . That certainly explains some things . . . 


That’s been happening for months now, how are you surprised? 

No news 

Dang, Isabella, burn! 

Accurate characterization

That is him in a nutshell, yeah. But we love him regardless! 

Have any other great Tom Nook memes? Drop them below in the comments so we can pay off our debts! 

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