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Get your ideal Celeste, Isabelle, Labelle, and Nook lewk with the new ColourPop x 'Animal Crossing' palette. Check out the deets here.

New makeup collection: Channel Celeste from ‘Animal Crossing’

ColourPop has done it again! The Los Angeles based company created another collection based on people’s faves. This time, ColourPop announced a full collection based on Nintendo’s beloved game, Animal Crossing.

Last year, ColourPop’s teamed up with Sailor Moon to create a collection that completely sold out within the first hour. Now that the makeup company announced the Animal Crossing collection, it’s only a matter of time before every fan of the game starts buying their favorite character’s palette.

Whether you’re more into a Celeste type of look or you’re looking to pop with Isabella’s brighter colors, ColourPop has just the palette for you. Find out more about the Animal Crossing collection and its release date here.

ColourPop x Animal Crossing

According to ColourPop’s Instagram page, their Animal Crossing collection will feature four character-based palettes (Nook Inc, 5 Star Island, Labelle of the Ball palette, and What a Hoot), three lip tint duos (Fruit Basket, Fruit Roots, and Pick of the Bunch), two blushes (Flower Power & Flower Tender), the Balloon Pop Super Shock Shadow, and the Bellionaire Glitterally Obsessed.

This is what the four palettes will look like.


What a Hoot

This palette is based on Blathers & Celeste. These owls are two of the main characters of the game which can be found in the museum. Both owls have a checkered pattern on their chest and have warm-colored feathers.

The What a Hoot palette is inspired by the owls’ feathers as it features warm earthy tones. It contains two brown matte eyeshadows and two metallic ones in golden tones.

5 Star Island

Isabelle’s palette will be called 5 Star Island and it will feature more playful tones than Blathers & Celeste, matching this happy-go-lucky character. Isabelle is the cute Shih Tzu who usually helps out new players as part of her town mayor role.

The 5 Star Island palette is based on the two main colors of Isabelle’s character design: yellow & pink. The palette features two matte eyeshadows –a pink & a maroon one–, and two metallic tones –a yellow & a light pink one.

Labelle of the ball

Labelle of the ball is inspired by the three Able sisters: Mabel, Label, and Sable. These hedgehogs can be found in the Able Sisters store. Mabel & Sable are usually in charge of assisting customers, while Label (also known as Labelle) is a designer.

The Able Sisters inspired palette is predominantly purple which matches Labelle’s colors the best – although the three sisters have similar tones. The palette has two purple matte eyeshadows, a light silvery purple metallic eyeshadow, and a burgundy metallic eyeshadow.

Nook Inc.

Last but not least we have the Nook Inc. palette based on Nook – who would’ve guessed? Tom Nook is arguably the most important character in all of the Animal Crossing games. Tom Nook and his nephews Timmy & Tommy are all tanukis (although they’re called raccoons in the U.S. version) and some of the most beloved characters in Animal Crossing.

The Nook Inc. palette is inspired by the Nooks’ minty shirts. This gorgeous palette contains two green matte shadows, a metallic mint one, and a silvery light green one.

Release date

The ColourPop x Animal Crossing collection will be available on January 28 at 10 AM PST. ColourPop’s webpage has the option to enter your email so you can be notified when the collection is available for purchase.

Although there aren’t many details about the collection at the moment, it’s likely that some of its products won’t be available in some countries due to licensing restrictions. Hopefully, we can get our hands on some of these cute palettes before they run out!

Which palette do you like the most? Are you excited for Blathers & Celeste, Labelle, or someone else? Is there a character you want a palette for, but they haven’t included yet? Tell us in the comments!

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