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Feeling nostalgic and want to scroll through some funny Tom and Jerry memes? Laugh along with us and remember this iconic cartoon show here.

The iconic duo: Get nostalgic with top-notch ‘Tom and Jerry’ memes

The Tom and Jerry cartoon series is the epitome of nostalgia. Everyone alive remembers the cocky cat Tom’s never-ending pursuit of Jerry, a nimble mouse who finds a way to out-maneuver Tom’s every ridiculous move. The tenacious twosome perfected the art of inventive slapstick comedy that never got monotonous and still keeps us glued to our TV screens. Not bad for a cartoon from the 1930s

Tom and Jerry’s violence & mayhem gave us a lot of comical moments, and today, those iconic moments serve as spot-on memes. If Tom and Jerry’s reruns gets you high on nostalgia, these memes are for you!

always from TomAndJerryMemes

Why so judgemental?

Like Tom and Jerry’s memes, their glorious show can also be enjoyed by people of all ages. The furry duo are two of the most cherished characters in cartoon history, and no one can stop us from watching & rewatching the classic franchise. 

Spike the underdog from TomAndJerryMemes

Ignored Spike

Spike, occasionally referred to as Butch or Killer, is a strict bulldog who’s particularly disapproving of Tom, especially when he’s provoked during any of Tom’s unending chases. Even though we have mad love for Spike, he sadly gets ignored by meme-makers. 

Tom and Jerry destroyed the alliance from TomAndJerryMemes

Destroyed alliance

We’ve become so accustomed to the longstanding battle between cat & mouse, it’s hard to visualize what life before the arrival of classic Tom and Jerry’s rivalry would have been like. 

*Happy villainy noises* from TomAndJerryMemes

Power Rangers intro

Introductions are important! Otherwise, how will the bad guys know which Power Ranger is defeating them if the Power Rangers don’t introduce themselves followed by the over-the-top arm movements. Feeling overwhelmed by nostalgia yet?

Quarantine & chill

The only way to check the spread of coronavirus, the deadliest virus of the last century, is to stay at home! Follow Jerry’s advice – because let’s be real here, he’s clearly the smarter one (sorry, Tom).

Unfortunately relatable

From worldwide pandemic & stay-at-home orders to some of the worst wildfires of all time and various business shutdowns, 2020 was a tough year for our finances. But thanks to the internet, at least now we have Tom and Jerry quarantine memes that provide much-needed hilarity at times where we feel on the verge of losing it.

OOOOF from TomAndJerryMemes

Plans backfiring

One of the best parts of any Tom and Jerry episode is when Tom comes up with his ingenious plans only to have them backfire on him in the most hilarious ways. Meme-makers have bestowed the same fate to our procrastinating ways. Can’t say we disagree, though.

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