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Are you ready for a live animated 'Tom and Jerry'? Check out the funniest 'Tom and Jerry' memes that will take you right back to the good old days.

Prep for the new movie with these ‘Tom and Jerry’ memes

Tom & Jerry are returning to theaters after over twenty years, and fans of the iconic cat & mouse couldn’t be more thrilled. Hanna & Barbera’s famed frenemies are up to their old tricks in Tom and Jerry, where the two will chase each other around the bustling streets of New York City. 

The upcoming film features an animated Tom & Jerry in a live action world ala 1988’s Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and 1996’s Space Jam. We can only imagine the film is targeting millennial moms & dads in this throwback animation style so defined by these late 90s and early 80s classics. 

People can’t wait to get in on the cat & mouse action, and there’s no better way to get pumped up than checking out the sea of Tom and Jerry memes on Twitter. Here are our favorites.

Quarantine Tom

Since 2020 reared its ugly head, the COVID-19 pandemic has seeped into every facet of our lives. Memes about how we’ve adjusted our lives to the times are overflowing on Twitter, and plenty of them are Tom and Jerry memes. Anyone working from home can certainly feel this one.

Jerry & his rodent pals are often infuriatingly out of Tom’s reach, whether they’re hiding in tiny mouse holes, or behind glass like this pick from the plethora of Tom and Jerry memes. This one’s comforting to those staying in as much as they can until cases die down.

Techie Tom

It’s fun to see Tom and Jerry memes that deal with technology, as a show created in the 40s somehow transcended its time, still somehow relevant in 2021. We love this one about our stupid brains picking favorites for the same damn ad experience.

Like infuriating ads, the internet can be a source for frustration when dealing with digital arguments. Everyone’s tough safe at home behind their screen, and this selection from the wave of Tom and Jerry memes shows that users often pack a punch. 

However, for every flamewar that ignites on Twitter, there’s a new loving relationship formed with a mutual follower. We love our internet friends – they’re just like us!

Tom and Jerry came out long before cars were built by robots in massive factories, but its creators somehow had a prophetic vision of what was to come. Of all the Tom and Jerry memes, this one hilariously shows Tom dealing with what many workers of the world have experienced over the past few decades.

Hanna & Barbera would have furrowed their brows had you casually mentioned to them you had solar panels. In 2021, their famous tomcat is used to show just how much you can save with clean energy in this meme.

Zoomers for T & J

Some Tom and Jerry memes are made for the young people of the world. Students will no doubt relate to this meme about when a test is a little tougher than you expect.

Living at home, Zoomers deal with the problem in the meme more than any other generation. However, every generation can relate when Mom walks in at the worst times, whether it be on a daily basis or on holiday visits.

New year new meme

2020 is finally over and many Twitter users are pumped on making 2021 one of their greatest years. Simply look to Tom to get your 2021 inspiration.

New Year’s resolutions are a way to get focused on the challenges ahead, but we all know they’re hard to keep up with. Don’t worry, Tom understands.

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