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Have you heard about the "energy" TikTok trend? This viral trend has become the most ridiculous one yet! Check out these hilarious TikTok memes.

Have TikTok memes gone too far? Laugh at the latest trends

As Buzzfeed reported, TikTok user @jazzyjazzboi posted an insane TikTok video that soon went viral about people’s energy relating to the most random objects or situations. The TikTok sensation showed the internet how fun it can be to compare tennis balls to someone named Ben, or a toothpaste reminding us all of some guy named Michael. Yip, we completely agree! 

So if these objects have the same energy as Michael & Ben, could there be other situations that give off a crazy amount of energy? Here’s what TikTok & Twitter users have said.

Energy boost

There’s nothing like comparing a famous gamer like Karchez to an energy drink like Monster. This TikTok meme is making us not only thirsty, but can we reach that energy level too? 


Memes may come & go but this level of energy will always stick with us. Between Bridgerton & Mulan, have you ever felt the same level of disappointment in a character? We have! Preach, Mushu!

Picture perfect

Ever looked like a pencil? And then you added a bright colorful outfit? Yeah you’ve got the energy of a pack of crayons. Memes like these make us hide our tracksuits away. 

Clean diner

There’s nothing like a clean diner, and with those dance solid moves and a Justin Timberlake track? Who are we kidding – this TikTok meme is bringing the energy back. 

Awkward moment

We’ve all been in a situation where people are staring at you, so you are overly excited to explain what just happened. TikTok memes like these have only the funniest energy! 


This is the TikTok energy we all needed. If you start a video call and they don’t greet you with this level of enthusiasm, are they even your bestie? Memes like these are what we aspire to become. 

Don’t go!

The “meatier” TikTok might promote a vegetarian’s way of living, but this energy has us shook. Sorry for ruining your childhood, but it looks like the piggy who went to the market is explained in excruciating detail in this TikTok video. This had killed all pig memes for us in the future. 

Sticky situation

Ever struggled with gummies? We finally understand what happens with gummies at our time of need. Relating to TikTok memes like these really makes you wonder. . . 

Invisible man

If there’s ever been a character we wanted to be like, it’s the invisible man from Hotel Transylvania! What’s not to love, you’re the coolest person in the room and you can do whatever you’d like because nobody can see you. Sounds like the perfect energy to us! 


Just like M&M’s, this meme melts our hearts. Thanks to TikTok, we’ll never unsee this tasty energy.

What do you think of the “same energy” TikTok trend? Let us know in the comments below. 

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