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What's new on the Taco Bell menu? Would you believe it's a crispy chicken sandwich? Grab some hot sauce and enjoy these Twitter reactions!

Taco Bell adds a new chicken sandwich to the menu: The best memes

You might not have been aware of it, but there’s a chicken sandwich war going on. You might have even taken part of it, unwittingly, as you chose Popeye’s chicken sammy over Chick-Fil-A’s. Crispy poultry sammy wars are a real thing, and Taco Bell – yes, Taco Bell! – is eager to join the fray with a new item on their ever-changing menu.

Wait a minute, you might say, isn’t Taco Bell a (sort of) Mexican restaurant? Not exactly the kind of establishment that screams “crispy chicken sandwich”. And yet, precisely because it is Taco Bell, we shouldn’t be too surprised. The Taco Bell menu is constantly surprising its customers, taking away fan-favorite items and adding bold new experiments all the time.

How’s Twitter reacting to the news of this new entry in the Taco Bell menu? Let’s take a look!

Tasty assassin

We may not look as good as Antonio Banderas, but you know we did our own take on this classic gif when we read about the Taco Bell chicken sandwich.


While it’s true that the lines between restaurant genres have grown blurry, surely that doesn’t affect their food’s actual taste, does it?

Cracking the code

Good news, Josh: the Taco Bell chicken sandwich is planned to go national later this year. More importantly, even this accurate deconstruction won’t keep us from trying it.

Historic moment

Honestly, given the current global pandemic, most people were probably at home when they heard the latest news about the Taco Bell menu.

Charmed, actually

Come on, the new addition to the Taco Bell menu hasn’t even officially debuted yet (March 11th, mark your calendars!) so let’s hold off on calling it names.


Honestly, we didn’t expect anyone to actually mark their calendars but we are impressed by this level of dedication.

Not mad, just disappointed

You know you’re making waves when a TV News Anchor has no qualms publicly expressing how bummed she is about her city not being included in your new product launch. Don’t worry, Jenna! You’ll get your chance to try the Taco Bell chicken sandwich!

Past sins

We knew someone was going to bring up the Mexican Pizza. Not all of the Taco Bell menu changes have been received positively.

We get it

Okay, okay, you miss the Mexican Pizza. But let’s look at the new stuff in the Taco Bell menu, not the stuff that’s missing!

Mind blown

Winning before the battle even starts? Who’s in charge of the new Taco Bell menu? Is it famed mindbender Christopher Nolan?

This one hurts

There’s something particularly mean-spirited about dragging Taco Bueno into this conversation.

Be yourself

Look, Mexican Pizza tantrums aside, this is Taco Bell being Taco Bell. It’s what they do. And we’re all going to eat it up and regret it the next day. That’s what we do.

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