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The biggest secrets from drive-thru restaurants have been exposed. And they're shocking. Check out all the best stories from the employees behind the mic.

The secrets of drive-thru restaurants: What employees have overheard

Since the coronavirus pandemic has forced many fast-food restaurants to close their dining rooms, their drive-thrus are busier than ever. What once was a simple ordering process is now turning into a stressful paranoid adventure with the new secrets coming out from Tik Tok. 

Tik Tok user zandergjura, or Zander, posted a video detailing some little known secrets about Starbucks drive-thru. But these secrets are quickly turning into facts as many fast-food employees from other chains have shared their own stories from working in the drive-thru. 

What are the secrets?

Zander shared two secrets on Tik Tok. The first one is employees manning the drive-thru can see you on the camera. The second secret is that every employee wears a headset and that they can all hear you order. 


I don’t think I’m allowed to show you this, but who cares #LoveStory #StrikeAPosay #OutPizzaTheHut #starbucks #michigan #xybzca #drivethru

♬ original sound – Zander

Honestly, what did you expect with the camera? Where else or who else would be looking at that footage. It’s not just a security camera in case someone steals something. What is shocking is that every employee can hear you order. It seems like overkill, but it allows everyone to know what’s coming up, and anyone can take over at the drive-thru over one person stationed there in a rush. 


Yes, we can all hear you. And yes we do sometimes make fun of your drink #Wishlist #StrikeAPosay #OREOFORSANTA #starbucks #drivethru #xyzbca #fyp

♬ original sound – Zander

However, can you imagine the conversations employees have overheard? The dumb arguments friends had in the car. The secrets passed through the drive-thru headsets. Luckily you don’t have to imagine because employees have shared plenty of stories on Reddit. 

Just remember these secrets only apply to traditional drive-thrus. You’re not going to see this as much of a problem at Chick-fil-A or In N Out. The majority of the time, these two restaurants use employees to physically take orders and relay them to the kitchen via an iPad. But that leaves places like Starbucks, McDonald’s, Burger King, and just about everywhere else open. 

How sensitive is the mic?

To sensitive. At least this Reddit user gives us a helpful tip. 

We can neither confirm nor deny 

According to one Reddit user, Sonic’s drive-thrus work more like phone calls than walkie talkies. However, we can’t confirm how they know or if they’ve ever worked at a sonic. If it is true, there is another safe restaurant to order from

We’re horrified

It’s not so much that they can hear us but actively not taking our order to eavesdrop on the conversation. 

Karens are the worst

We love when Karens get karma shoved in their face. She didn’t ask for the manager, but she got him nonetheless. 

Think before you speak

Hopefully, this article is a teachable movement. The only lesson that should be taken away from it is: if you wouldn’t tell your grandmother, don’t talk about it in the drive-thru line. 

On the flip side

Not all drive-thru interactions are bad. 

Sometimes there’s a surprise

There is nothing better to brighten up a drive-thru worker’s day than a pet coming through to get a pup cup or the kitten equivalent.

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